Najim Laachraoui

Police were engaged in an intense manhunt early Wednesday for the prime suspect in the Brussels terror attack, 25-year-old Najim Laachraoui.

Early reports around the world said he had been taken into custody. But those reports turned out to be untrue.

Belgian newspaper DH first reported Laachraoui was taken into custody just hours after reports surfaced the two men who blew themselves up at Brussels airport were brothers.

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The Telegraph then reported he was “arrested in Anderlecht by a special forces unit.”

Fox News reported mid-morning that the reports of his arrest were mistaken and police were still searching for him.

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post reported the suicide bombers, Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui, had been known by police for past crimes.

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Laachraoui’s DNA had been discovered at residences used by the Paris terror attackers last year, prosecutors told the press. His image had been captured on video tape, along with the suicide-bombing brothers, but police could not immediately locate him.

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