The backlash from citizens in Europe over the influx of refugees is already overwhelming. Anti-migrant nationalism is growing rapidly – and whether it is or is not proper, it is completely understandable, considering the circumstances. The residents of several European countries feel abandoned by their leaders, as the welfare of the migrants appears to trump their own. And in most cases this is 100 percent accurate.

The leftist leaders of several EU nations just couldn’t help themselves. Their political correctness demanded they demonstrate to the world how much bigger their hearts were than their brains. And as we know, this demonstration manifested itself in allowing hundreds of thousands of unvetted refugees to pour into Europe.

Anyone with common sense would have predicted that this would backfire, and indeed it has. Now the once-utopian European Union is beginning to fracture. Greece is near anarchy. Hungary is building a razor wire fence to stop the flow of migrants, and France is leveling the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp. Nationalist pressures are beginning to strain relations between EU nations.

In a tit-for-tat maneuver, the French economics minister, Emmanuel Macron, is now warning that if Britain pulls out of the EU, he will scrap the British border controls in Calais and instead allow thousands of migrants to cross the English Channel, thereby transferring the Jungle camp to Kent, England. The patience of British citizens is already being tested, and this may send them over the edge.

Meanwhile thousands upon thousands more refugees are still fleeing the Middle East in an attempt to enter Europe, and reports are that the numbers are actually increasing. Why is this, you ask?

The answer is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Information coming out of Syria is that Russian aircraft have been indiscriminately bombing civilian areas to purposely drive them out of the region and into Europe. For Putin and his Syrian ally, President Bashar Assad, it’s turning out to be a win-win. Assad rids himself of a great number of potential opposition, leaving only loyalists to fill the void. Putin gains a greater foothold in the Middle East, and as a bonus the EU is destabilized by the eventual influx of millions more unvetted migrants, some of whom are certainly terrorists.

I think, as most do, that Putin is evil, but I don’t think he is a genius. I’m not convinced this was his idea originally. I think he intervened to help his allies, Iran and Syria, but shortly after noticed the trouble Europe had created for itself by the weak, politically correct policies of its leaders. One could not help but notice the trouble these refugees caused the Europeans almost immediately.

My guess is that Putin, ever the opportunist, surmised that he could hasten the collapse of the EU by forcing millions more refugees into Europe. I believe his goal has always been to reconstitute the Soviet Union in one form or another and has seized this opportunity. Evil as it is, it is a brilliant strategy. It’s the old divide-and-conquer play. As the EU tears itself apart from the inside out, Putin can sit back and revel in his handiwork. Of course, this has all been theory, posited by many others and me for months.

But Putin’s strategy is now being confirmed by U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove. He recently stated that the Russian leader is in fact using migration as a weapon to weaken infrastructure and undo European unity.

The general added that he has also received intelligence, he would not discuss, that many countries see planning of terrorist attacks in Europe, as possibly 1,500 fighters have sneaked in with the migrant population. Obviously, this will further hasten the demise of the EU – and I’ll bet the number is much greater.

Like someone else we know, Putin is a one-sided deal maker and will no doubt take advantage of an EU collapse. Individual nations will be much easier to deal with than the EU. Weaker European nations may also begin to look for an alliance and protection of a strong leader, and Putin will be more than happy to step into that role as he is doing in the Middle East.

And this is a guy Trump says he can make “deals” with?

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