Social-justice warriors target Robert E. Lee statue

By Around the Web

(Breitbart) The perpetually offended are at the gate once again, trying to dismantle culture, education, and the very fabric of history. This time their target is the Robert E. Lee statue in the Lee Park of Charlottesville, Virginia, a statue over which supporters and opponents of its removal from the park clashed last Tuesday at a press conference called by Vice Mayor Wes Ballamy of Charlottesville.

President Rick Turner of the Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP chapter explained why the city should remove the statue:

On a petition, high-schooler Zyahna Bryant terms the statue “very offensive,” explaining that “Robert E. Lee fought for perpetual bondage of slaves and the bigotry of the South that kept most black citizens as slaves and servants for the entirety of their lives.” This same petition has a grand total of 681 signatures at the time of publication, a tiny number when compared with the over 8,000 likes amassed by a Facebook page in favor of preserving the statue.

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