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A pro-family organization in Massachusetts is raising alarms about a new survey in public schools that asks students to confess if they have participated in sexual assault.

And the problem is not just the invasive nature of the questions, says the non-profit Mass Resistance, but the possibility that the students’ identity could be revealed,  subjecting them to legal action.

The students are asked for their first initial, middle initial, parents’ initials, city of residence and other personal information.

“What they’re doing, they’re asking if the person had participated in a sexual assault, and if there had been a sexual assault, and the person wrote about it on this, that would essentially be an admission of guilt,” Mass Resistance President Brian Camenker told WND.

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“Or the person could have been a witness to an assault and wrote about it,” he continued. “That brings this into a court case.”

The 15-page survey, published by the University of New Hampshire, has been used in Andover High School. Along with initials, it asks for the students’ birth month and year, and the name of their first pet. Gender, age, grade, ethnicity and economic status also are requested.

The Eagle Tribune reported that the school principal, Philip Conrad, described it as a survey done on “healthy dating relationships for teens.”

The report described the survey as part of a national program, implemented by Vice President Joe Biden, called “Bringing in the Bystander.”

The survey apparently has been used at 30 high schools across several Northeastern states.

The report said Bob Pokress, a school committee candidate at Andover, saw problems with the survey.

“It was asking specifically for certain types of behaviors that could be used against the student should the information ever get into the wrong hands,” he told the newspaper.

He noted one section “absolutely puts students’ Fifth Amendment rights at risk.”

He said he checked with a lawyer, who confirmed the survey has the potential to be subpoenaed “if legal actions ever took place against the student, and these answers could be used against them.”

Under the headline “Things you did to someone you were dating or hooking up with,” students were told to respond to scenarios, including showing up at someone’s home when the recipient did not want the attention, sending unwanted gifts or texts.

Also, they were asked whether they “had sexual activities with a person because you either threatened to end your friendship or romantic relationship if they didn’t or because you pressured the other person by arguing or begging.”

Another question was whether they “had sexual activities with a person by threatening to use or using physical force (twisting their arm, holding them down, etc.)”

There were questions about whether the student vandalized another person’s property, slapped, hit or hurt him deliberately, or obtained help for someone who had been forced to have sex or was physically injured.

Camenker pointed out that if a teacher or another adult in a position of authority obtained the information and was able to identify the student, he could be regarded legally as a mandatory reporter.

Mass Resistance said parents upset by the reports of the survey from their children had contacted the school.

“It is part of a national program funded by the Obama Justice Department, promoting the ‘campus rape culture’ myth,” the report said.

It was “simply made available during a lunch period to any student who wished to take it, whether or not their parents had signed anything,” Mass Resistance said. “The school principal acknowledged that the ‘participation was voluntary’ on the part of the students.

“The university people even had a table set up where they gave cookies and baked goods to students who decided to take the survey,” according to the organization.

Mass Resistance said its experience has been that “school officials are overwhelmingly very left-wing, and instinctively don’t trust parents to raise their children ‘properly.'”

“They support these kinds of intrusive surveys, the same way they support ‘comprehensive sexuality’ education and the various homosexual/transgender programs that have permeated the schools. It’s only occasionally, when confronted by angry parents, that they will temporarily back off from them.”

The survey reportedly was offered to students as young as 13.

It also told students there are no wrong answers to such questions such as “Girls should have sex with their boyfriend or the guy they are dating when he wants,” even when the options range from “disagree strongly” to “agree strongly.”

Also posed as questions were whether sexual assault charges “are often used as a way of getting back at guys” and whether “when girls are sexually assaulted, it is often because they way they said ‘no’ was unclear.”

Read the history of the attacks on marriage and the family, from the days of Karl Marx and Margaret Sanger to those now pushing for mandatory recognition of same-sex “marriage,” in “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left has Sabotaged Family and Marriage.”


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