Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish Institute is a taxpayer-funded public agency designed to “promote Sweden and Swedish issues globally,” and as part of its public relations effort, it gives a different Swede control of its Twitter account, @sweden, every week.

This week, the global image of Sweden is Lebanese immigrant Elias Kreidy, who is spending his time taunting the country’s residents about how Third World immigrants are taking over the country.

“I’m the immigrant who stole your job” and “I’m the immigrant who stole your education” are two of a few non-vulgar tweets suitable to publish. Kreidy also has made sexual taunts against native Swedes and called the country’s residents “racists” who don’t really belong in Sweden anyway.

All in all, it’s just another day in Sweden, where multiculturalism is pushing the once famously liberal Nordic society to the breaking point.

Mass immigration, mostly from Muslim nations, has utterly transformed many Swedish cities, leading to the development of “no-go zones” where law enforcement fears to tread. The hostility of immigrant communities toward native Europeans is so great a news crew visiting Rinkeby, Sweden, was attacked by hostile residents when they investigated the neighborhood known as “Little Mogadishu.”

Pamela Geller, an internationally renowned anti-Shariah activist and WND columnist, said the Swedish government is essentially losing control of its own territory.

“The no-go zones exist, contrary to blanket mainstream media denial and demonization of anyone who dares to say that they do exist,” she told WND. “These are areas where Muslims respect only the Shariah, not the law of the land. And they’re growing. The attack on the camera crew shows that Muslims in these areas believe that they can act with impunity, without fear of any consequences from the government or police.”

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G.M. Davis, author of “House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World,” notes the irony of how Sweden’s famously welcoming approach toward immigrants and refugees has actually led to contempt among the Muslim population for their adopted country.

“No-go zones are becoming a fact of life throughout much of Europe and especially those countries that have been most committed to a welcoming policy toward Muslim immigrants,” said Davis. “Far from demonstrating a sense of gratitude, Muslims are insisting on ever-greater privileges against the norms of the indigenous society. While individual Muslims may seek to integrate into their host societies, the political nature of Islam means that, as Muslim immigrant communities grow in size and presence, their resistance to the surrounding political regime will necessarily increase.”

Davis also warned a growing Muslim population could lead Sweden into the kind of social chaos that has swept other nations.

“As we have seen in places such as Lebanon and Yugoslavia, the most dangerous point is reached when a Muslim minority grows powerful enough to challenge the political supremacy of the non-Islamic society around it,” he said. “That point need not be when Muslims approach parity with non-Muslims; it can occur sooner if the host society is otherwise enfeebled and unable or unwilling to mount a defense — a situation that prevails in Europe today.”

Geller’s warning is far more stark.

“Sweden will be engulfed by civil war, and that war, unless Swedes in large numbers wake up to what is happening, will result in Sweden’s subjugation and Islamization.”

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Sweden is already grappling with violent threats against its own population and institutions. A recent survey of first responders and law enforcement officials show Swedes doubt their ability to respond effectively to an attack.

The influx of migrants is even forcing the cancellation of some environmentalist activities because of the safety threat posed to European women. A Swedish town recently canceled “Earth Hour,” an annual activity in which the lights are turned off to promote conserving energy. However, police requested the event be canceled because of widespread sexual assaults against women in the town, which victims have reportedly blamed on attackers of “foreign origin.”

However, there is little sign the Swedish political class will back down from importing more refugees. Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt recently denied any suggestion Sweden is collapsing.

“If Sweden is collapsing and nothing is working, what words do we have left to describe what is happening in Syria right now?” he asked.

Geller believes Sweden is confronting a moral crisis.

“Sweden has been captivated by the idea of multiculturalism,” she said. “Nationalism and national defense have been stigmatized since World War II, from which Europeans drew all the wrong lessons. Instead of recognizing that they had been evil and working to ensure that anti-Semitism would never return, Europe focused on nationalism as the problem, and made people ashamed to defend their countries or their people. Now, accordingly, Europe as we have known it is dying before our eyes.”

Davis argues the nation-state itself is in danger.

“The nation-state, as the primary carrier of political legitimacy in the modern era, was dealt tremendous blows by the World Wars and continues to undergo rapid denigration in our age of globalization and multiculturalism,” he told WND. “Even such basic notions as the primacy of national self-defense are no longer widely accepted. Vague notions of trans-national brotherhood (regardless of irreconcilable ideological divisions) have come to take precedence over the obligation, once unshakable, of a government to protect its people.”

According to a recent study, the 2015 migrant crisis will cost the country many times what it spends every year on defense.

“The lesser burden of a government to help those outside its jurisdiction in dire need, e.g. refugees, now usurps the duty of that same government to protect its own people from the invasion of hostile aliens,” Davis observed. “It must be borne in mind that globalization — the process of uniting the world under increasingly centralized authority – cannot proceed without the subversion of those truly independent national authorities that must naturally stand in opposition to it.”

Such a force may have arisen in Sweden with the Sweden Democrats, a nationalist party which is demanding the country exit the European Union and limit immigration. And Davis argues there is still time for Europe to save itself – even Sweden.

“However serious, it is easy to exaggerate the problem of Islam in Europe,” Davis said. “While the Muslim population is growing much more rapidly than the native, it is still quite small, less than 5 to 10 percent in most countries. What it requires is a frank examination of Islam as a political-religious ideology that is absolutely incompatible with non-Islamic systems of governance. Once this fact is recognized, Western governments can treat Islam as a hostile political force that must be contained both at home and abroad.

“Without this recognition, Sweden and other Western governments will continue to allow themselves to be subverted and outmaneuvered by Muslim activists who possess none of their ‘multicultural’ scruples. While we must unflinchingly point out the seriousness of the situation, we must not give in to despair that the situation is beyond remedying – in Sweden or in the rest of Europe.”


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