The creepy cookie corrupting our children

By Linda Harvey

Can a cookie go to jail? It’s high time we demanded a criminal indictment of the “Genderbread Person” – and the con man claiming to be its creator.

Because it’s one more high-risk, loony idea leading to gender confusion and being unleashed everywhere on children.

Last week, I gave a presentation to public high-school seniors about the harmful “LGBT” agenda. As I talked about “transgenderism,” I asked the mostly left-leaning students if they were aware that some elementary school teachers are now being trained to stop calling children “boys and girls” but instead call them “friends” or group them by color preferences.

I was surprised at the high-school class reaction. Heads shaking, disbelief, exclamations of “what?” Even they could easily see there is something deeply disturbed about such teaching.

Some teacher activists are using a prevalent but insane “infographic” gingerbread figure – the “Genderbread Person” – to teach little kids that self-mutilation can be a good thing.

In other words, eliminate gender and thereby create – not prevent – mental health issues, even suicide ideation among children.

And it’s always presented – ready for a good laugh? – as part of “anti-bullying” programs.

And yet, “Genderbread” workshops are increasingly popular. Minneapolis’ Anoka-Hennepin school district just instructed teachers to stop calling children males and females.

And the local media are gushing with support for this hideous anti-child assault.

Thankfully, there are people calling out this horrific teacher training. Barb Anderson, former high-school teacher and citizen activist, wrote in a letter to the editor:

“On Feb. 16, under the guise of bullying prevention, Anoka-Hennepin teachers were trained by transgender advocates to teach students that sexual identity is in their mind – what they think they are. (Forget biology!)

“At this training, each teacher received a handout with the shape of a Genderbread Person (You got it – just like the cookie in the story) with his body divided into four parts. Can you see who they are targeting? Children. The cookie person’s brain was labeled ‘Gender Identity.’ There is no science behind this. None!

“According to these false trainers, Gender Identity ‘refers to a person’s internal sense of being male, female, or something else’ with an unlimited number of sexual (gender) identities – sexual fluidity.

“No, gender is not fluid. The only thing fluid is their language with countless manufactured terms. …”

Teachers are indoctrinated – if they let themselves be – to become gender deniers, and only the quick action of parents will stop this assault on the minds and spirits of vulnerable children.

The “Genderbread Person” started as a flyer depicting a gingerbread cookie person in its asexual familiarity, but grossly distorted to draw little children to an insane idea: that you really aren’t a girl or a boy.

And these weirdo folks are ready to lead other people’s sons toward the desire to be surgically castrated, which in their child-destroying world is a “safe” idea.

These people belong in jail. This is child corruption and abuse.

It’s not just Minneapolis, but is also happening in Oregon schools. Reportedly, pediatric nurses in Seattle have been subjected to the same training. In fact, the “LGBT” agenda now permeates many children’s hospitals.

“Genderbread” training has provoked controversy in numerous local communities. In Lincoln, Nebraska, schools several years ago, teachers were given “12 Easy Steps on the Way to Gender Inclusiveness,” along with “Genderbread Person” flyers as part of this leftist anarchy.

At Acalanes High School, California, the creepy cookie was a tool for Planned Parenthood representatives to indoctrinate students. Parents were furious, thank God.

Even some companies are spreading this nonsense.

And the rationale? The same old diabolical excuse: the unfounded specter that realistic male and female identities are “unsafe” for kids and will cause some to attempt suicide.

Let’s just grasp how idiotic that is: Unless a teacher stops calling a girl a girl, she might kill herself?

Where such fragile and deeply troubled children exist (a tiny fraction), they are in need of psychiatric help, not the affirmation of lies.

Confused children need security, not more confusion and early sexualization. The “Genderbread” training goes beyond inserting fables into a child’s head. The flyer neatly introduces grade-school children to the idea of genital pleasure, too. The diagram points to “gender fluid” icons located at the genital area of the cookie with the word “sex” as the explanation.

Will an 8-year-old be confused? Of course! That’s the entire point – shake up their little heteronormative lives and those of their smug parents. Assault the foundations of human life and Judeo-Christian values.

The promoter (who is accused of plagiarizing the idea) is a male with the ironic name of Sam Killerman, who bills himself as a “social justice comedian.” His anti-Christian bias is evident on the website. He’s also written a book called, “A Guide to Gender: The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook.”

But who advocates for children messed-up by this experimental garbage, those whose minds are sickened by what they learn via this poisoned cookie?

Teachers, it’s time to take a stand. Yes, it may impact your job. But educators need to stand up and say NO to these child corrupters. Say NO to the training. Say NO in the media – report what’s going on. Say NO to the National Education Association, to your state and local teachers unions that also encourage this lunacy. (And refuse to pay them dues, too, by the way).

Parents – you must challenge any foolish school lessons and stay with the issue. School officials know that as your children grow, parents tend to fade from involvement. So don’t go away. You live there and pay taxes.

Put a stop to the rotten “Genderbread Person” and its poisoning of children’s souls.

And some advice for the “Genderbread Person” creator – just turn yourself in and save the authorities a trip. You know what you’re doing and that it’s ruining children’s lives.

Confession is good for the soul. So is a better job – perhaps collecting roadside trash or making license plates.

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