The #NeverTrump critics get Trumped

By Gina Loudon

The #NeverTrump critics were put squarely between a rock and a hard place this week: Defend Trump or support violent, leftist, anti-free-speech tactics. They were, effectively, trumped.

Anti-Trump forces rejoiced a little too quickly after protesters successfully shut down Trump’s Friday rally in Chicago with threats of violence.

Organized leftist agitators seeking to stop Trump’s momentum are disrupting his events in an effort to stop him from speaking to his tens of thousands of fans who gather at every speech.

The only accomplishment of these protests was more coverage of The Donald and his rallies.

The news networks went virtually wall-to-wall with Trump coverage on Saturday and for much of Sunday. This coverage essentially shut out Trump’s opposition of another weekend news cycle as they struggled unsuccessfully to gain any earned media ahead of the Super Tuesday II races.

When Trump’s opponents did get time in the media, they were asked about Trump’s rallies.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich had to choose a side: either Trump, or the leftist agitators.

They made the wrong choice.

All three of Trump’s GOP opponents blamed Trump and his speech for the chaos in Chicago. They cited the man who was caught on tape hitting a protester who had disrupted a Trump event earlier in the week and tied that to a “‎culture of anger” at Trump events.

Personally, I have not endorsed Donald Trump, but I am constantly put in a position where I have to defend him against anti-free speech, anti-freedom attacks coming from the media and political elite.

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Over the course of the campaign, voters have been repeatedly put in that same position where they had to defend Trump even if he wasn’t their first choice for president.

After Trump’s campaign announcement, voters were immediately forced to either choose Trump’s side or the side of the media, which were twisting Trump’s words about illegal immigrants.

When the pope criticized Trump, voters were forced by the pope to defend Trump. Then, Mitt Romney attacked Trump and intellectually honest conservatives had to take Trump’s side. In both cases, the pope and Mitt Romney forced voters to choose Trump’s side.

When the pope attacked Trump’s immigration policy, untold numbers of social media users who would never normally support Trump were posting things like: I’m not a Trump supporter, but I don’t want the pope telling Americans they can’t secure the border.

When Trump was attacked by Romney, Trump’s usual critics were forced to comment on the establishment’s tone deafness.

Even media hosts and commentators who detest Trump had to take The Donald’s side in those cases. They were put in a difficult position, and honest conservatives chose Trump’s side over Romney and the pope.

Now, everyone faces another choice. They have to choose between supporting violent leftist, anti-free speech protesters, and supporting Trump.

Cruz, Rubio and Kasich have made their choices. It is a calculated campaign decision. They were faced with the difficult choice of speaking positively about Trump, or placing blame on him for the actions of these leftist agitators.

They don’t realize they are putting GOP primary voters in another difficult position.

To support Cruz, Rubio or Kasich, voters are now forced onto the same side of the argument as violent leftist protesters against Donald Trump – and their own candidates put them in this unenviable, losing position. They are forcing voters to choose Trump’s side against them, just like the pope and Mitt Romney did before.

Trump’s opponents can come up with plenty of legitimate reasons to oppose Donald Trump, but, instead, they have chosen another unfair attack. Trump has been able to benefit from these sorts of attacks in the past.

The latest events have delineated two distinct sides: The pro-Trump free-speech defenders, and the “others” composed of the establishment, the #NeverTrumpeteers, the violent leftist anti-free speechers, and even ISIS.

Who ever thought they would see the day that people who call themselves conservatives and Christians would rather align themselves with the leftist, violent, anti-Constitution fray than admit their defeat?

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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