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The secret of the 'sad Sanders supporter'

Did you see the recent four-minute viral video labeled the “sad Sanders supporter”?

It was posted online by a distraught young woman tearfully describing the non-stop verbal abuse she claims she experienced at the hands of angry, racist, “sick” Donald Trump supporters while she was calling voters on behalf of Bernie Sanders before Super Tuesday.

Two diametrically opposing theories attempt to explain this strange video: either that she’s sincere and Trump’s supporters were indeed “horrible” – or that it’s a hoax.

But there’s a third option I suspect may be much closer to reality.

First, for those who missed it, here’s the video of Bernie Sanders phone-bank gal “Chelsea”:

Let’s quickly review the highlights:

“… I just want you to know,” says a tearful “Chelsea,” “that the people that are voting for [Trump] are really sick people – that refer to human beings as animals – and it actually made me sick!”

“I don’t think anyone that’s a human, that has feelings and sense, can sit through hours of talking to people that believe that just because you weren’t born in the United States, or even if you were and you’re not white – which, I don’t know what qualifies you as white anymore – it makes you not a human being!”

Supporters of Trump, “Chelsea” adds, made “a lot of comments about, just, building walls and getting rid of the Mexicans. And hearing that for hours was so horrible!”

In contrast, “it was really, really nice when you would get people that answered that were for Bernie – or even Hillary.” Unfortunately, she says, “there were very few Republicans and conservatives that would answer the phone and be kind, that wouldn’t have something horrible to say.”

Chelsea’s final shot at the Trump supporters evokes epic racism: “You know, these are people that think that they won the Civil War. It’s like talking to less than a brick wall! I don’t even know how to describe it.”

So, what are we actually witnessing in this young lady’s emotional meltdown as a result of talking on the phone to Trump voters?

In the midst of today’s super-heated presidential campaign, replete with downright nasty debate rhetoric, dirty tricks, negative ads, media ambushes and open demands from many quarters to stop Trump at all costs, one might be tempted to believe either of the following two explanations:

Option 1: It’s a hoax, a scam, she’s a political operative, and the video is just one more piece of anti-Trump street theater intended to help derail the GOP front-runner’s bid for his party’s nomination. This is how Rush Limbaugh opined:

Let me tell you what I think. I think that thing’s a hoax. You know, I’ve never phone banked, but a phone bank is to get out your own vote. What is she doing calling Trump people? She’s making phone calls for Bernie Sanders? Call people you know that are already donating, or you know they’re gonna vote, you want to get ’em out to vote. You’re not calling to change anybody’s mind here. … I’m suspicious of that whole thing, particularly how quickly it went viral? … No. I’m telling you, I think that the Chelsea video is a hoax. It’s just – it was too clichéd. It fits every stereotype too perfectly.

Rush may well be right. Now here’s the second, and opposite, possibility:

Option 2: She was speaking truthfully; the Trump supporters with whom she interacted were indeed unbelievably rude, crude, “sick,” racist animals, and the video simply documents the traumatizing effects of hours of emotional abuse on an idealistic but vulnerable young lady. This is probably what Democrats and Trump-loathing Republicans believe.

But I want to suggest an “Option 3,” which zeroes in on the actual mental-emotional state of so many young people who “feel the Bern.”

Before we get there, however, let’s quickly review one other recent viral video clip, this one showing a female Yale student reacting violently to a professor who politely disagreed with her regarding the issue of whether certain Halloween costumes at the prestigious Ivy League school should be censored in consideration of the possible hurt feelings of certain minority groups:

Remember, this was about Halloween costumes.

Concerning these videos two things are clear: Both young women are obviously in a highly emotionalized state. But in addition, both have been seriously indoctrinated.

And how do we know that?

Well, the Yalie is shrieking F-words at the top of her lungs because the object of her wrath allegedly failed to make her college environment feel “safe” – you know, like “a home.”

Meanwhile, “Chelsea,” the Bernie Sanders phone-bank gal, is gung-ho about convincing Americans to elect a delusional old socialist (or if you prefer Trump’s term, a “communist maniac”) whose vision for America is so irrational that, were Sanders elected and his policies enacted, what’s still left of America’s productive sector would be forced to leave the country to avoid the astronomical taxes Bernie wants to finance his magical Marxist utopia.

Both young women’s statements are prima facie evidence they have been seriously indoctrinated leftward. And the hair-trigger meltdown mode is also, sadly, increasingly typical of many in today’s brainwashed, emotionally infantile college population.

As I documented recently in a column headlined “It’s true: College is driving your kids insane,” there is a stunning rise in mental illness on campus, with depression rates skyrocketing and suicide now the second most common cause of death among college students. Why would this be?

In an anxious age of “micro-aggressions,” “trigger warnings” and dozens of new gender variants (each requiring its own unique pronoun like “ze,” “hir” and “xem” to avoid giving offense – or even incurring a huge fine), today’s punitive and intimidating culture of extreme political correctness is literally making students mentally ill. The influential article “The Coddling of the American Mind,” featured in September’s issue of the Atlantic, revealed that what is happening on today’s college campuses, especially with regard to policing speech and punishing “offenders,” is “likely to engender patterns of thought that are surprisingly similar to those long identified by cognitive behavioral therapists as causes of depression and anxiety. The new protectiveness may be teaching students to think pathologically.”

All of this, mind you, is on top of the baseline reality that for decades, left-wing America-hating professors have been indoctrinating America’s children into believing their country is malevolent, racist and predatory – successful and powerful only by virtue of exploiting other races and stealing the world’s wealth.

With this sad reality in mind, consider that even if Option 2 is true and “Chelsea” is being totally genuine in the video, that doesn’t explain the extreme emotional overreaction to people just disagreeing with you, however rudely, over the telephone.

Imagine that one or more Trump supporters actually did say to “Chelsea”: “Hey lady, I’m sick to death of illegal aliens taking over my country and committing crimes. We need to deport them all – and we should build a wall – and make Mexico pay for it!!” So what? The comments of the Yale professor on the other video were even less “offensive.” He calmly said, “No, I don’t agree with that,” prompting the Yalie gal’s infuriated outburst, “Then why the f–k did you accept the position!? Who the f—k hired you?! You should step down, if that’s what you think about being [unintelligible] you should step down! It is not about [unintelligible], it is NOT! Do you understand that? It is about creating a home here!”

Again, that was about Halloween costumes. What more can one say?

We have slowly but surely handed over the greatest, freest nation on earth to the far left, which has rewarded us with a lawless, immoral government and a godless, almost insane culture. And that includes today’s sick college culture of sexual anarchy, rampant anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism and the inculcation of “pathological thinking” by totalitarian policing and punishing of “politically incorrect” speech.

After all, what is political correctness really teaching our children other than to melt down when anyone says anything remotely “offensive”?

We are witnessing the emergence of a generation of angry, spiritually bereft, educationally ripped-off, historically ignorant, spoiled, narcissistic, entitled, empty, needy lost souls. God help us to turn this around. I do my best to highlight some of the more inspired solutions to this big mess in my new book, “The Snapping of the American Mind.”

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