Mr. Buchanan, a vote for Trump is no different than a vote for Hillary!

We cannot and absolutely should not in any way whatsoever allow Trump to get the nomination. Should he get the nomination, I will not vote for the first time in my life in a presidential election. The very first presidential election I voted in was in 1964, and I voted for Barry Goldwater.

Trump is, by far and away, an authoritarian dictator, and no one – I repeat, no one – who considers himself to be a loyal, America-loving American should even begin to entertain voting for that enormous piece of horror!

Do you understand, Mr. Buchanan, the horrific damage and carnage and massive killings that have occurred historically whenever a citizenry of a country became so angry that they elected an authoritarian dictator. I provide you with just a few names: Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro and on and on.

Now here you and other so-called conservatives are promoting the vote for Trump out of what? Fear of electing Hillary – and all along Trump is as destructive and vile and disgusting as Hillary is in every way, and Trump is as ugly bad as Obama.

There is absolutely NO difference between Trump and Hillary!

Why are you not promoting the honorable Sen. Ted Cruz?


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