Trump, Cruz need rapprochement – now

By Joseph Farah

“He started it.”

“No, he started it by trashing my wife!”

“No, he started it by calling me a liar!”

“No, he did …”

Do you want to see Hillary Clinton defeated in her bid to extend the destructive legacy of the last eight years?

Do the Republican presidential front-runners need to stop sniping at one another like immature schoolyard punks?

Is it past time for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to realize some kind of rapprochement is vitally necessary for a GOP presidential victory in November?

I don’t really care who started it.

It needs to end here and now.

There’s too much at stake in terms of the future of the country.

I don’t want to hear Donald Trump call Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” one more time.

And I don’t want to hear Ted Cruz accuse Donald Trump of being behind the National Enquirer smear again.

It serves no purpose other than self-immolation.

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I believe the only way the Republican presidential ticket loses this fall is through division of the two major vote-getters during the primaries and caucuses. Unless Trump and Cruz can get it together and put the accusations against each other behind them, Hillary Clinton will be the benefactor. It represents her only real snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Who is going to sit the two candidates down in a room to make this happen? How can they not see it is in their mutual interest to stop the fratricide? Can they put their own hurt feelings and pride aside for the sake of the nation?

These are the questions running through my head, which is spinning with the daily personal attacks taking place between Trump and Cruz. It’s mutually assured destruction on a personal and political level unseen in any modern political campaign. Neither candidate is helped by it. Both are diminished. And the nation’s interests are jeopardized.

These are two smart guys. They must know it. They must see it. So why does it continue?

Trump claims to be a great negotiator. Maybe it’s time to see some of those skills at work with Cruz. Cruz has claimed in the past that Trump – not to mention other Republican candidates who sought the nomination – would be a far better president than Hillary.

Isn’t it time for the American people to see two guys who agree more than they disagree to calm down and focus on the real threat to America’s future?

There are only two groups of people who must like what they see happening right now – the Democrats and the establishment Republicans who hate both Trump and Cruz. The success of Trump and Cruz in this campaign represents an existential threat to Hillary’s campaign and to the 28-year hold the establishment Republicans have had on power.

Isn’t that fact alone enough to spur Trump and Cruz to sign onto a truce?

If Trump and Cruz can form even an uneasy alliance going into the convention, no one can deny them control of that gathering.

That should provide a pretty powerful incentive to bury the hatchet somewhere other than in their Republican rival’s head.

Look, I will be very happy to see either one of these guys get the nomination. The big battle has already been won. The Republican establishment has been summarily defeated by voters. The only way either Trump or Cruz can be denied the nomination is for them to emerge from this contest with irreconcilable differences. They’ve got to get together themselves, drop the personal attacks, refocus their campaign against the Democrats and bring together their constituencies before it’s too late.

Surely they are both smart enough to realize the importance of this – even if it’s only for appearance sake.

This campaign is degenerating right now. That’s not the way to go into the final leg of the primaries. The bitterness and the immaturity needs to end. It’s time to talk about the issues, the policies and the common enemy.

Isn’t it obvious to all?

Experience more of Joseph Farah’s no-nonsense truth-telling in his books, audio and video products, featured in the WND Superstore

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