Trump flips on supporting GOP nominee

By Cheryl Chumley

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the front-runner in the GOP race to the White House, said during a CNN interview with host Anderson Cooper he’s changed his mind and may not support the candidate who rises to the top in the Republican field.


“I’ve been treated very unfairly,” he said, speaking of the Republican National Committee and the establishment members of the Republican Party.

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He made the remarks in answer to Cooper’s query on whether he would still honor the pledge he previously made to the RNC, in written form, about supporting the eventual party candidate.

“No, I don’t anymore [pledge this],” Trump said.

Sen. Ted Cruz, meanwhile, expressed similar sentiments just a few hours earlier, during delivery of public remarks at a town hall event at the Riverside Theater.,

Trump shrugged at that, however, and said: “Honestly, he doesn’t have to support me. I’m not asking for his support. I want the people’s support. He was essentially saying the same thing. … I don’t really want him to do something he’s not comfortable with.”

Trump’s previous pledge, signed in September, to support the eventual Republican nominee came on the heels of a private meeting with RNC’s chief, Reince Priebus.

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But he now says the RNC has not been kind to him.

“I’ve been treated very unfairly … I think by, basically, the RNC. The Republican Party. The establishment,” he said, to Cooper.

He cited criticism from Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and failed presidential candidate, who was on national television a few weeks ago slamming Trump.

“You have a guy like Mitt Romney, who did a terrible job,” Trump said. “He ran a horrible, horrible campaign. He ought to sit back and root for us instead of being a negative force.”


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