Trump’s Ohio attacker focus of ‘pro-ISIS’ video

By WND Staff

Tom DiMassimo
Tom DiMassimo

Tom DiMassimo, the 22-year-old protester who leaped out of the crowd at Saturday’s Donald Trump rally in Dayton, Ohio, was featured in a pro-ISIS video reportedly uploaded to YouTube in May 2015.

The video, captured by LiveLeak before it was reportedly removed from DiMassimo’s site today, features the activist in a U.S. flag-desecration protest on the Wright University campus in Dayton and is dubbed with Arabic chanting. DiMassimo and another man placed U.S. flags on the ground and stood on them. The pair were joined by approximately two dozen supporters and opposed by a group of veterans who turned out to honor the flag.

The demonstration itself does not seem to be ISIS-related, and the website Heavy characterizes it as a hoax, created to ridicule DiMassimo’s flag-desecration protest.

Saturday morning, as Donald Trump was speaking to a crowd of supporters in an aircraft hangar, DiMassimo jumped over the barrier to the left of the stage and attempted to mount the stage in the rear. Secret Service agents quickly responded and constrained him before he could reach the stage.

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DiMassimo was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic — both misdemeanors — reported NBC News.

Dimassimo is a self-described Black Lives Matter activist and is affiliated with a number of leftist groups, reported Conservative Treehouse.

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Using the Twitter handle @Younglionking7, DiMassimo Friday posted an image of a protester at Trump’s Chicago rally with the statement, “Me tomorrow”.

The account also shows DiMassino to be a Bernie Sanders supporter.

DiMassino’s family lives in Atlanta and his mother Faye DiMassimo was recently appointed by the mayor as general manager of the Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond program.

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