Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life
Islam is death, an evil lie and not the way

You are right, Mr. Trump, Islam hates us
The source of the hate?
The Quran
Read it
It’s full of hate
It is as Salman Rushdie termed it
“The Satanic Verses”
That is the bottom of it, Mr. Trump

That is Islam itself – Fear Hate And a lie
That hate has to be there to make Islam possible
That’s why it’s there

I have figured it out, Mr. Trump
Do I get the Pulitzer?
I should
Will you help me get it?

The source of the Quran and the “mental illness”
of people flying planes into buildings?
A deluded 7th century megolomaniac Arab
robber mass murderer and pedophile who sought world
conquest through “Islam” and the god he created “Allah”

Is Islam at war with the West?
Islam is at war with the world
In fact Islamic “theology” divides the world
between the “house of war” that is, all the non-Islamic world
and the “house of peace” that is, the so called Islamic world

The way for “peace” to come in the world is through “jihad”
That is war
A “holy war” of conquest in which Islam forces the rest of the world
to submit to “Islam ”

All of the killings rapes beheadings crucifixions lies
robberies brutal conquests and repressions seen
today and every day for the past 1,400 years
all around this world –
All of this is not radical Islam

It is Islam Period
Orthodox Islam
Read the Quran Read the hadiths
Study history And to begin with
particularly the historic facts about the so called

Now is Islam hard to define?
No it’s not, Mr. Trump
Here’s the definition:
Some people are more “religious” then others
In context of the “religion ” of Islam
all of the above is considered “religious”
In Islam to fly a plane into a building is martyrdom
That is “Islam”
NOT ” radical Islam”
It is orthodox
It is “Islam”

We might say “the ends justify the means”
In Islam ANY means justifies the end
In the near future this will definitely include the use
of nuclear weapons against our nation

Another way of putting it might be to ask
“How many Christians are asked to LITERALLY
be crucified with Christ?”
Only a relative few but for us – that is martyrdom
It’s what Jesus asks us to do “Take up your cross and follow me”
That’s being very religious for us – Sainthood
Bad analogy perhaps but I think you get the idea

In Christianity a disciple who is crucified for his faith
is being very religious – a saint
In Islam if the Muslim does the crucifying he is
being very religious and is considered a “saint”

Think about it please, Mr. Trump
I am telling you the true story

This is what’s happening
with Islam
To answer the question you’ve been posing on the campaign trail
What’s happening all over the world is Islamic jihad
It’s not “radical” – it’s orthodox

Islam is as Winston Churchill termed it
“the most retrograde force on the planet”
Many of our Founding Fathers held similar views

It means to destroy us utterly
Our nation our civilization our faith

Now that you understand all this clearly
What will you do, Mr. Trump?
Will you as president of the United States
lead the effort to save our nation our civilization our world?
I beg you
Please do

All the mosques and the jihad camps in the U.S. need to be closed
They all preach jihad and Shariah law
All jihadis need to be expelled
Shariah law banned completely and permanently
All immigration from the “Islamic” world needs to be ended
All economic ties to the Islamic world severed completely
and permanently
Appropriate military action initiated and completed
where necessary
This is a matter of our survival as a people a civilization and a faith

You are our best and last hope, Mr. Trump
All the rest have sold out to hell

I want to thank you for your great honesty and courage
All that you have done and continue to do every day
Please continue on, you are a great inspiration to the American
people and to all freedom-loving Christian people everywhere
Know that our prayers and thoughts are with you
May the God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
guide and protect you today and always
And bring you to victory in our upcoming presidential election

Joseph S. Perna

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