A scream of moral outrage

By WND Staff

In response to reader feedback to a question posed by WND Managing Editor David Kupelian – “Is it moral for the Ted Cruz campaign to woo Arizona delegates away from Donald Trump should he fail to win the Republican nomination on the first ballot?” – Joseph Farah makes the case that it is not immoral: “It’s just politics, people!”

Farah seems to find it hypocritical that his readers are outraged by Republican candidate Cruz’s political maneuvering. He asks: Where is the moral outrage over what goes on in Washington on a daily basis?

Surely Mr. Farah realizes that this historic outsider uprising by both Republican and Democratic voters is one long, collective scream of moral outrage.

We do not want politics as usual and are rightly incensed when self-avowed outsider Sen. Cruz gets down in the muck and mire and plays politics as usual.

Hopefully, the sheer volume of Cruz’s actions speaking louder than his words will wake up the American electorate. Sadly, I believe the senator to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Marilee Haraldsson

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