Authorities ‘bothered less by jihad’ than anti-ISIS protests

By Paul Bremmer


The area known as the “European capital of jihad” will not tolerate anti-jihad voices in its midst.

The mayor of Molenbeek, a Muslim enclave in Brussels, Belgium, has forbade a planned demonstration by a nationalist organization that was to be held Saturday in the public square of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, according to Breitbart.

Generation Identitaire, a “hipster right-wing” group composed of many young people opposed to mass immigration and the Islamization of Europe, had planned the protest.

The news comes only a week after an Islamic terrorist attack killed roughly 30 people in Brussels and wounded 270 more.

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, said the mayor’s decision reflects the willingness of many Belgian authorities to appease the Muslims in their populations.

“It shows that they’re defiantly committed to the multiculturalist ethos, even to the point of national suicide, and desperate to ensure that all challenges to that ethos are ruthlessly suppressed,” Geller told WND. “They’re certainly more concerned about combating right-wing protesters than combating Islamic jihadists, and clearly don’t mind more jihad murders – or are bothered less by jihad murders than by peaceful protests against their immigration policies.”

Molenbeek Mayor Francoise Schepmans claimed she would not let Generation Identitaire members express their views because they are “extremists” just like the Islamic terrorists behind the Brussels attack.

According to Breitbart, the mayor clarified: “When we fight extremism, it is against all extremisms. It is therefore out of the question to allow furious madmen to express themselves.”

Geller, a WND columnist and author of several books including “Stop the Islamization of America,” said the mayor is drawing a false equivalence.

“The Molenbeek mayor is equating the non-Muslim protesters with jihadis,” Geller explained. “This is wildly inappropriate, given that jihadis are mass murderers and right-wing anti-immigration protesters are non-violent and don’t threaten or kill anyone. Generation Identitaire simply wants to defend their homeland. That was never considered ‘extremist’ before at any point in history.”

G.M. Davis, author of ““House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World,”  said politicians everywhere love to spout platitudes such as, “When we fight extremism, it is against all extremisms,” because it allows them to dodge the truly difficult and dangerous problems they ought to confront.

“Refusing a permit to march or even sending riot police out to disperse Generation Identitaire is easy; going into Muslim enclaves en force where jihad is taught on the street corners and in the mosques is decidedly not,” Davis told WND. “While European governments are willing to take on the police problem of terrorism, and to make a big show of their detective abilities (after a horrific attack), they remain doggedly opposed to tackling the root causes of jihadist terrorism, namely, Islam growing within their borders.”

Davis clarified that when he speaks of Islam growing within a country’s borders, he is not just talking about immigration. He is also referring to the growing political consciousness of European Muslims in which Muslim communities are increasingly choosing to live according to the Islamic precepts of Shariah law and jihad instead of the laws and customs of the countries in which they reside.

But instead of trying to stem the growth of Islam within their borders so as to prevent future terrorist attacks, European authorities spend their time fretting over right-wing protest groups and the possibility of an anti-Muslim backlash, according to Davis.

“European authorities have consistently shown themselves more concerned with the safety and welfare of Muslim communities in their countries than with the safety and welfare of the larger, indigenous population,” he said. “The mayor of Molenbeek, Belgium’s recent ban on Generation Identitaire’s plan to demonstrate is the latest example of this sort of bias.

“While Muslim communities such as Molenbeek are shot through with jihadist ideology, as was extensively documented by the Moroccan journalist Hind Fraihi as far back as 2004, and the responsible authorities do nothing, anything that could amount to effective organization by the larger indigenous population is discouraged or positively forbidden by those same authorities.”

Last Sunday, members of the “larger indigenous population” did indeed organize as self-described “hooligans” descended on a shrine commemorating the victims of the Brussels attack five days earlier. These “hooligans” came to protest ISIS and terrorism.

According to Breitbart, some Muslims and migrants in the crowd chanted back at the protesters, leading to pushing, shoving and insult-throwing between the two groups.

Meanwhile, Belgian riot police turned their high-power water jets on the anti-ISIS protesters to force them to disperse. About 10 men were arrested, and the crowd cheered as police drove the protesters out of the area.

Geller watched video footage of the scene and could only shake her head at the priorities of the Belgian authorities.

“It shows – again – that European authorities are far more concerned about protests against their multiculturalist imperative and immigration policies than they are about jihad attacks,” she said.


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