Bad blood toward Cruz

By WND Staff

Mr. Farah,

For me and many others, it’s not simply a question of dislike toward Ted Cruz. It’s distrust.

For me and others, including pro-Second Amendment advocate Jan Morgan, the final straw with Cruz came with his disgusting grandstanding in the wake of Trump’s Chicago rally being canceled, when the man packaging himself as a “constitutional conservative” piled on with Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, the media, et al. and blamed Trump and his “rhetoric,” rather than speaking for Trump’s First Amendment right to speak and the right for the people in attendance to listen.

It told me everything I needed to know about Cruz, although I’ve since found out a few other troubling things, from his previous associations with the Bush family to his flip-flopping on immigration and other issues. Morgan, who had originally enthusiastically endorsed Cruz for president, not only took back her endorsement but apologized for it, stating she couldn’t believe she was taken in by him. I agree with her.

I do not believe Cruz to be the “outsider,” as he has presented himself to be. And I do not trust him to do what he says he will do.

A Republican who will continue to take his marching orders from Wall St/K St lobbyists is no better than a Democrat who will do the same.

Todd Frank

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