Big Pharma-CDC lie on vaccines

By Barry Farber

When Woodward and Bernstein plunged into their Watergate investigation in the 1970s no recorded announcement informed them the investigation they were pursuing might unseat a president. Likewise, when Lech Walesa climbed over the fence at the Lenin Shipyards in Soviet-ruled Poland in 1980 no recorded voice let him know his actions could turn Communism upside-down and change history in a profound way.

As I ready these words for publication, however, I seem to hear robust audio telling me to proceed cautiously and make no mistakes, because we’re entering what might easily be the biggest medical scandal of all time, and those forces guilty of taking and blighting the lives of infants and small children have repeatedly displayed their ruthlessness toward those who would interfere with their multi-billion dollar shenanigans.

Can you believe our beloved America has degenerated into a place where media are perfectly free to write what follows – but nobody does? Or, better said, nobody did until a controversial film implicated Big Pharma and the Centers for Disease Control in lying and falsifying the figures that show shocking connections between the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) administered to infants as young as 18 months – and autism! The documentary, “Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe,” was viewed by Robert De Niro, who has an autistic child, praised repeatedly by Robert De Niro, and finally withdrawn from the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival by Robert De Niro under pressure from some very stupid tyrant-types, who are apparently too stupid to realize their censoring days are over thanks to a sleepless Freedom Fighter known as the Internet!

I was taken by my investigative-reporter-daughter Celia Farber to the New York premiere. You will have a chance to see “Vaxxed” despite the frantic efforts by Big Pharma and the Centers for Disease Control to make sure you don’t. Children yet unborn will thank you.

Here’s what’s known, incontrovertible, stomp-down truth beyond contradiction. In the 1950s autism was almost unknown. There was a clinic in California with maybe half-a-dozen cases. Then along came one case of autism for every ten thousand children who’d undergone the MMR vaccine. Then came one such case out of every 250. The latest figure is one out of 50!

And the proud defenders of Big Pharma and the CDC still refuse to yield a centimeter. And that’s what interests so many of us non-doctors and non-scientists. There’s the pungent fragrance of “body-panic” as more and more anguished parents and alarmed Americans ask what’s going on here. The CDC’s cooking of the books has befouled the air thousands of kitchens away. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, distinguished research gastroenterologist, had his license revoked for the high crime of suggesting the MMR vaccine needed more study! CDC internal whistleblower Dr. William Thompson has more and more frightened onlookers hopeful that truth will prevail. The MMR loyalists, however, defend it like the fanatical war-time Japanese defended their Emperor Hirohito. The cause of this skyrocketing surge in autism, Big Pharma and the CDC assure us, “cannot be vaccinations, must not be vaccinations, will not be vaccinations!

The young boy came crying to his father with a black eye and bloody nose squalling that the local bully had hit him. “Why didn’t you hit him back?” the father asked. “I did,” sobbed the kid. “I hit him back first!”

That doesn’t deter me from “hitting back first.” Big Pharma and the CDC will dismiss all of us who demand truth as “those lunatics who want to stamp out vaccinations altogether!”

Nice try. They’ll claim we’re medical primitives who seek the end of all vaccinations. How about a moratorium on the MMR “triple-header” vaccine and a return to the single “M” injections (measles), followed after a suitable interval by the second “M” (mumps) and later the “R” vaccine (against rubella)? Then let’s have an honest count of autism results.

You’d think after the autism rate soars from virtual zero to one per 250 the Big Pharma and CDC folks themselves would have said, “Come, let us reason together. Something is clearly wrong here!”

That’s a bit like hoping Heinrich Himmler would call upon his aides to improve the menu for the upcoming Jewish High Holy Days at Auschwitz!

I can tell you what the temperature is. I can tell you how much our national debt is. I can’t tell you with certitude what our government agencies and big corporate credibility is, but an anecdote comes to mind that can give us a valid approximation.

When the police arrived at 3 o’clock in the morning the jewelry store window was broken and the suspect had his hand inside the cash register. He told the court he’d been leaning against the window of the jewelry store waiting for a bus when the window broke, and when the cops came he had his hand in the cash register looking for something he could write with so he could leave his name and address.

Big Pharma and the CDC’s credibility finishes close behind that gentleman’s!

Having truth on your side isn’t enough. Politicians won’t help; too much Big Pharma support around election time. And don’t expect Big Media to offend their sponsors.

They told us in Sunday school that truth dashed to earth will rise again.

They forgot to add that a lie will do the same thing!

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