Blacks behaving badly — and ‘acting stupidly’

By Erik Rush

In what has become an iconic turn of phrase, President Obama said in July of 2009 that police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “acted stupidly” when they arrested black Harvard University professor and Obama pal Henry Louis Gates Jr. after a confrontation at the professor ‘s home. Obama’s evaluation of that police response has become something of a benchmark for Obama’s own handling of any issue related to race or ethnicity that makes it into the news cycle.

One might even say that he has a predilection for acting stupidly with regard to these things.

For those who may be wondering why blacks who don’t ascribe to the prevailing leftist orthodoxy related to race do not spend more time making excuses for blacks who are acting stupidly, it is probably because we have long since tired of doing so. Going back to before I was even an adult, I witnessed and was party to countless conversations involving black people who bemoaned blacks who were hindering their ability to collectively progress and prosper in America simply due to their proclivity for acting stupidly. More often than not, this deportment was based largely upon said individuals having bought lock, stock and barrel into that prevailing leftist orthodoxy related to race.

I’ve written in this space previously about the disgusting attitude and verbiage adopted by a nasty little rap singer known as Azealia Banks who, in addition to being marginally talented, abysmally ignorant and foul-mouthed, also spouts racist invective as a matter of course. Now, she has meandered into the realm of inciting violence against other individuals based upon her uncouth values and racist belief system.

In a series of Twitter posts that were subsequently deleted because Banks is not only an idiot, but an impulsive idiot, the spoiled rap princess said Monday that former Alaska governor and one time vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin should be gang-raped by black men and that the event should be filmed and uploaded to online venues.

As reported by WND and others, Banks was responding to a satirical article that “quoted” Palin telling an Alaska newspaper that black people were better off as slaves.

Did I mention that this article was satirical?

Did I mention that Banks is an idiot?

The danger here is that we live in a society in which the bars for morality, decorum and even intelligence have been lowered (even more so pertaining to blacks) so dramatically that lowlifes such as Azealia Banks wind up in positions of wildly undue influence. This is particularly troubling when their following is made up predominantly of impressionable young people.

The hypersensitivity of politically indoctrinated blacks was also showcased this week after pop star Justin Bieber dared to present himself at Sunday night’s iHeartRadio Music Awards wearing his hair in dreadlocks, a style universally associated with blacks. Bieber’s new hairstyle also became the topic of a Twitter rampage in which offended blacks and their sympathizers participated.

Now, I personally think that dreadlocks on white people look really, really gross. To be honest, dreadlocks look pretty gross on some black people, too. That’s hardly the point, however; ethnic crybullies have come up with a new race-based infraction (or perhaps it’s a microaggression?) for their arsenal of white guilt-fostering weaponry called “cultural appropriation.” This is where someone adopts aspects of a style or an outward appearance typically associated with another ethnic group.

Whites are the only ethnic group that can be guilty of this slight, of course, which indicates that the phenomenon is nothing more than the result of race-baiting blacks looking for yet another manifestation of the universe at which they may be offended – and cite the racism of whites in the process.

So, what happened to imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? It was politically expedient for this well-worn concept to be ignored, of course.

All of this is nothing too new. Zeba Blay, the Voices Culture Writer for The Huffington Post and self-appointed social justice assassin whose asinine perspectives I once dismantled in this space, was one of the media pioneers in identifying (or rather concocting) this crime of cultural appropriation. Much of Blay’s writing has been focused on shaming white supermodels who dare to wear their hair in afros or cornrows. I doubt that Blay is old enough to remember Bo Derek.

Finally, this week, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) announced that it will join a coalition of leftist organizations in protests and mass civil disobedience scheduled to disrupt Washington, D.C., later this month. Their feeble pretext rests upon the U.S. Supreme Court having overturned a provision of the Voting Rights Act in June of 2013. The provision, Section 5 of the Act, had become inordinately burdensome to the voting process in some states, according to the court.

The aforementioned coalition is backed by Hungarian-American billionaire and former Nazi collaborator George Soros, who is dedicated to the ascendency of international socialism, and he views America as an impediment to that process.

Getting on the bandwagon with malignant groupthink and every top-down, ginned-up protest or movement continues to hinder blacks’ ability to progress and prosper in America. BlackLivesMatter and the summary acceptance of the notion that Trayvon Martin was shot by a white man (rather than by a mixed-race Anglo-Latino who presented as a Latino) spring to mind. Their habit of doing so has been methodically encouraged for decades by the most influential among the political left.

In codifying such things as “cultural appropriation” and “microaggression” into their lexicon, cynically going through life looking for things at which they may be offended, and continuing to vote in the 90 percents for those who systematically exploit them, blacks are essentially clinging like lampreys to the behinds of their socialist overlords.

And I can think of no more illustrative examples of acting stupidly than those.

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