‘Bloody Islam’ billboard riles Florida town

By Cheryl Chumley

A "bloody Islam" billboard has caused controversy.
A “bloody Islam” billboard has caused controversy.

Hundreds living from the southern United States to Nigeria have signed a petition demanding removal of a billboard in St. Augustine Beach, Florida, that refers to the faith of Muslims as “bloody Islam.”

The full text of the billboard message is “Islam Bloody Islam, Doomed by its Doctrine!”

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Becky Williams started the petition to tear down the St. Augustine Beach billboard, and so far, about 1,500 have signed it, Action News Jax reported.

“We should always stand up for those in our community who are shown hatred and intolerance,” the petition’s online page stated. “We should be outraged that a billboard with this message could in any way represent our community as a whole. It is of the utmost importance that we stand against messages and movements that isolate, judge and threaten an entire sect of people who share our same hometown.”

Those living as far away as India, France, Nigeria and the United Kingdom have signed the petition.

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One person signing it wrote, CBS 47 reported: “The fact that it is permitted to put up discriminatory billboards condemning any one religion is shameful. No resident of St. Augustine should have to have hate shoved down their throat on their daily commute.”

And one resident living nearby the billboard, Jim Morrow, expressed anger over its content, in an interview with WDAM.

“I think freedom of speech has its limitations, like anything else,” he said.

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