Bundys need support in fight against Obama, Reid

By Larry Klayman

More than two years ago, the nation was spellbound as the family of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and other cowboys who supported the patriarch’s God-given right to defend his land at Bunkerville, Nevada, stood down a tyrannical Obama administration bent on seizing the Bundy homestead.

The false excuse used by Obama’s Bureau of Land Management, or BLM: The federal government, rather than the state of Nevada, owned the land that the Bundy family’s cattle grazed on, that the Bundys thus owed grazing fees to the federal government, and, incredibly, that this ranching was killing a so-called endangered species tortoise.

Of course, these excuses were little more than a front for Obama’s ally and henchman, the evil, dishonest and corrupt senator from Nevada, the one and only Harry Reid. It turns out that Reid, with the assistance of his equally sleazy Las Vegas lawyer son, was seemingly doing a back-door, under-the-table deal with the communist Chinese or some other nefarious enterprise to acquire the Bundy ranch for profit, and using the goons of Obama’s BLM to take it forcefully.

To effect this takeover, the BLM and other Obama and Reid government agents raided the Bundy’s ranch at gunpoint, sending sharpshooters and marksmen, brutalizing Bundy family members with assault, beating and injuring them, and threatening even to kill them if they did not forfeit the land upon which their livelihood depended. Reminiscent of the tyranny that King George III foisted upon the American colonies, the Obama-Reid government “gestapo” simply came and pillaged, even killing scores of the Bundys’ cattle, including a number of bulls that are necessary to grow the herd, burying them secretly in a mass grave as Hitler had done with Jews.

Not to be “bullied” (pun intended), armed but peaceful cowboy militias on horseback, authorized by the Second Amendment to the Constitution, stood down the Obama-Reid government goons, and the cowards were forced to flee. This citizens’ defensive insurrection was so remarkable that Fox News and other cable channels in particular covered what at the time appeared to be the first modern-day use of the Second Amendment to defeat government tyranny. Our Founding Fathers, and particularly George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, would have been proud. This was exactly why they had created in the Constitution the God-given right to bear arms and to commission militias to defend the people against the dastardly likes of King George III – now embodied in our modern-day Muslim-American King Barack Hussein Obama and his slimy “court jester,” Harry Reid.

Following this successful stand-down, both Reid and Obama, thoroughly humiliated, lost their cool. Reacting to an unintentionally political incorrect analogy that Cliven Bundy had made to the press about African-Americans, sympathetically equating them with his own family’s plight, he analogized how the federal government had in recent decades also destroyed the lives of “negroes” by keeping them under government domination in a manner that rivals slavery. In response, Obama mocked and cleverly threatened Cliven, reacting to his use of the word “negro” – which even Rev. Martin Luther King had used to describe his people – at a White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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Reid, as he repeated again just a few weeks ago, couldn’t wait to also chime in, branding the Cliven Bundy family as “domestic terrorists,” threatening to use the power of the Obama Justice Department to have them all jailed.

But for nearly two years, the Obama Justice Department, perhaps fearing the political fallout given the growing number of Obama scandals, did not act on the not-too-veiled threats of Obama and Reid – that is, not until some of Cliven Bundy’s sons peacefully in protest came to the defense of an equally threatened rancher in Oregon and occupied a game reserve while legally carrying firearms. For this act of courage, one of the protesters was shot and killed by all new government goons, and the rest were arrested and indicted on multiple criminal counts. Not participating in the protest, Cliven Bundy took a plane to visit his arrested and charged sons, and he himself was arrested at the Portland airport and later charged and indicted, along with 18 other defendants on 17 felony counts. Later, Cliven was extradited back to Nevada to face the charges with the many other defendants, while several of his sons remained under arrest in Oregon to face trial there as well.

Upon Cliven’s return, his and the other defendants’ case was assigned to Chief Judge Gloria Navarro, perhaps not coincidentally a jurist who was recommended to President Obama for nomination to the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada by Sen. Harry Reid. Obama had approved of Reid’s recommendation, and Navarro was confirmed as a district judge.

About two weeks ago, obviously sending a signal to his protégé, Judge Navarro, Reid again telegraphed that he viewed Cliven and his family as “domestic terrorists” and that they should all be kept in prison, inferring that life sentences should be ordered. Specifically, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that Reid broadcast this obvious instruction to Navarro and any later jury, using the power of his position from the Senate floor as his mantle (“Harry Reid attacks Bundys on Senate floor, calls for Gold Butte protection”).

To defend Cliven, and thus the family, I was asked, along with my local Las Vegas legal partner in the defense, Joel Hansen, to step in. Not surprisingly, Judge Navarro, knowing of my reputation for fearlessly taking on the likes of Harry Reid and Obama, and tyrannical government in general, denied my application to enter the case an out of state attorney “pro hac vice.” This denial, which is legally unjustified, will be challenged, as Joel cannot because of lack of manpower and financial resources defend Cliven alone without my participation. Navarro has a conflict of interest and has shown extreme unethical bias and prejudice fostered by her patrons, Reid and Obama. We are confident that she will now be removed legally from the case as the presiding judge and that a new judge or the appellate court will grant my application to appear.

The bottom line is this: Joel Hansen and I took on the defense of Cliven and the family because we believe American citizens have a God-given right to bear arms and be protected by peaceful militias under the Second Amendment when a tyrannical government tries to take away their homestead and “terrorizes” them. This is a fine God-fearing family, and Joel and I will not rest until justice is done and Cliven, who is being indefinitely detained in solitary confinement out of vindictiveness and payback, wins his freedom.

This case is not just about the Bundys but also you and your loved ones. What happened to Cliven and his family can happen to you, particularly given the likes of Harry Reid, Barack Obama and judges like Navarro. As of now, Cliven and his sons are in prison, and the women in the family are valiantly having to tend to the ranch under great emotional distress, financial pressure and hardship, much like Abigail Adams when Founding Father John Adams was away during the first Revolutionary War. They are all true patriots!

We need your immediate prayers and strong support, as the family lacks the financial resources to carry on this fight alone against these forces of Obama-Reid government evil. See ClivenBundyDefenseFund.com.

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