Chicago in chaos: 3 killings every 2 days

By Around the Web

(ZEROHEDGE) – While the Obama administration has been vocal about its intentions to limit access to guns for Americans across the nation, in the process achieving the opposite and leading to record gun sales, FBI firearm background checks that just hit an all time high for the month of March and record stock prices of U.S. gun makers such as Smith and Wesson, perhaps it should focus on what has become the epicenter of ground zero for violence and gun homicides in the U.S.: Obama’s “home town” of Chicago.

According to a CNN report, gun violence in the windy city is on track to post its worst year in the 21st century, the result of an unprecedented surge in gun deaths in the first three months of the year. By March 31, 141 people had been killed, according to the Chicago Police Department. On Thursday, eight were shot and two of them died in one hour alone, Chicago Police said.

The 141 deaths in the first three months of the year mark a 71.9 percent jump from the same period in 2015, when 82 people were killed. It’s the worst start to a year since 1999, when 136 people died in the first three months the year, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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