Christianity a fraud

By WND Staff

I guess it’s not politically correct to point out the flaws in America, but that’s what I intend to do.

America’s decline has begun. It’s because of aging men and women voting to legalize same-sex marriage and other disgusting and immoral lifestyles. Sodom, Babylon and other ancient civilizations vanished because of it. America is headed in the same direction.

Then there’s the fact that Christianity is a huge fraud that has been perpetrated on gullible people for 2,000 years. It’s a bankrupt religion that makes no demands on its followers. Its fraudulent nature has been proven conclusively, but it’s too lengthy to include in this message.

Finally, we have Islam, which is just as big a fraud as Christianity, the difference being that until recently, Christianity had been dominant in its cruelty and barbarity against non-believers whereas now Islam has taken over that position.

If religion is supposed to bring out the finest elements of mankind, Christianity and Islam, as practiced by their followers now and in the past, leave a lot to be desired.

What does this leave us with? Authentic, Orthodox Judaism – pristine, perfect and moral.

Sholom Morgan

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