Clinton vs. Black Lives Matter vs. truth

By Jesse Lee Peterson

At a campaign event in Philadelphia, Bill Clinton yelled at Black Lives Matter disrupters after one accused him of “crimes against humanity” for his Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which put black drug dealers behind bars to quell the intensely violent crack epidemic of the 1980s and ’90s.

There were 800 to 1,000 murders per year in our most violent big cities at the time. (Today, there are 300 to 600.) The Congressional Black Caucus, black activists, Republican legislators and Hillary pushed President Clinton to diminish the violence at the time.

Unable to satisfy an angry people, today the Clintons are reamed as having been too tough on black crime. With violence down (relatively) and the number of criminals in prison up, black agitators dramatically cry “racism,” “mass incarceration” and “the new Jim Crow.”

Blacks are 13 percent of the population but 40 percent of those locked up. But that 13 percent produced 47 percent of homicides in 2014, and 43 percent of homicide victims. That’s just an indicator of the rage infecting blacks, who are much more violent, irresponsible and shameless than whites; blacks suffer for it, and they make others suffer.

Blacks are nearly six times as likely to commit murder, more than 10 times as likely to commit robbery, and more than twice as likely to commit rape or sexual assault as whites. Blacks are more than five times as likely to kill a cop as non-blacks. Eighty percent of interracial violence is committed by blacks.

Until blacks repent, racial profiling is a good idea. Good blacks should agree: Blacks produce more violent crime than anyone; they should happily accept heightened scrutiny and not complain. A 72-percent out-of-wedlock birthrate is an indignity, not police stops. Blacks’ problem is anger, not “racism.” “Racism” has never existed.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Recently, Bill Clinton lamented sending “nonviolent” black criminals to prison for “too long.” Hillary resolved never to tell the truth about blacks again. Blacks called her “racist” for saying black predators lacked compassion or conscience. Last month, Judicial Watch reported a “nonviolent” black drug dealer released from prison under Obama’s “early release” program stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death, and killed her children (by another man) who witnessed their mother’s murder. Excusing blacks for drug crimes will not help their families. Suffering and punishment can teach responsibility and discipline. Mothering liberals want to give blacks leniency, protection from harsh consequences.

I have said before that blacks’ souls are like fatherless children. They need a father’s love. But they do not recognize real love. That is why they are attracted to lies and evil, why they hate real men and authority. Blacks reject decent people who represent character: Most blacks hate me and honest men like Dr. Ben Carson and Justice Clarence Thomas. Black deceivers punish and defame anyone who occasionally shows a flash of common sense: Kobe Bryant, Stephen A. Smith, Charles Barkley, Bill Cosby. You have to be immoral, dishonest and a champion for evil to be supported by 80 to 90 percent of blacks: Hence, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and black false leaders.

I interviewed a Black Lives Matter founder and a number of protesters, and invited many others who refuse to talk, protecting their lie. Co-founder Patrisse Cullors hung up on me on my radio show when she wouldn’t answer whether she supports capitalism, then lied to my producer, denying she’d hung up and saying she’d return. We played “The Chicken Song” – customary when guests run. Patrisse later warned others on Twitter not to come on my show, accusing us of being “violent and demeaning.”

Black author Michelle Alexander called my honesty “racist” and now ignores invitations, as do Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates, New York Times’ Charles M. Blow and others who promote the lie of victimhood to satiate their anger.

Prominent Twitter activists DeRay McKesson and Johnetta Elzie ignored email invitations, then blocked my producer on Twitter after he called them cowards. Slate’s Jamelle Bouie did the same, calling my producer “unprofessional” and saying never to contact him for the show again. (These people are indeed cowards, but I’ve had to rein in my angry producer not to fight liars with hate.)

Most blacks are truly blind spiritually; they cannot see reality. I urge patience and honesty from whites and all who can see what blacks cannot. Blacks grow up starved of truth, victims of angry mothers’ distorted “love,” morally weak fathers (if any), deceptive pastors and presidents, and spiritually shallow role models. All share in the illusion of “racism.”

America will only unite under men unafraid to speak the truth. Bill Clinton told the truth in defensiveness because he wants his wife to be president, but Hillary (like Bernie Sanders) panders to the lie of Black Lives Matter. To my knowledge, Ted Cruz has not yet dealt with the lie of “racism.” At his rallies, Donald Trump addressed Black Lives Matter directly.

Black Lives Matter needs the love of fathers and mothers. Most are hard-hearted and brainwashed. With toughness and decency, we can wake up a few of them.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

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