I had the honor of filling in for Sean Hannity on radio while he was out of the studio on Friday. If you have listened to five minutes of his show in the past six months, you know that Hannity’s biggest mission right now is bringing together the fractured conservative base of the Republican Party.

I tried to continue his mission while he was out, so I spoke to his audience about taking the first psychological step to coming together.

That first step is admitting that there is a possibility that we all may be wrong about our candidate.

Trump supporters are just as convinced that Ted Cruz is a fraud, as Cruz supporters are that Trump is really a liberal. The terrible irony is that if both of those things are true, we still get an Obama third term of Hillary in the White House.

I believe that if we united and rallied around Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney – I know this is true – we can unite around our nominee.

Here’s how I think about it: I have been, in my lifetime, truly, completely sure of something, and then learned I am wrong. Sometimes it is something big. For example, I campaigned hard for term limits in my former state of Missouri, but when I learned more, I figured out that term limits are actually horrible for We the People, and I was horrified that I worked so hard for them. You can read my opposition to term limits in an earlier column at WND.

Because I have been so wrong before, I know I could be wrong again. The person I like for president might turn out to be a nightmare. I can admit that.

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If you are a Trump fan, you know what scares you. Does he understand scope of government, balance of powers, social issues? Does he have a temperament that may get us in trouble on the world stage?

If you are a Ted Cruz supporter, you know you feel uneasy about some of his campaign tactics and his alliance with the establishment against Trump.

Could Cruz have compromised something big to them? Worse, is he OK with being used to get to a contested convention, only to be buried by the establishment’s rules he is so fond of today? That means Hillary is president. Would you be OK with that?

Can’t we all tuck away our egos and remember how we fought so hard for this moment, as we stand with our only chance to beat the establishment since Reagan? I have to ask myself every day: Do I care more about how right I think I might be about Trump or Cruz, or do I care more about my children’s future?

I have to tell you, the first time I met Mr. Trump, I didn’t like him. The first time I interviewed Ted Cruz, I was swooning. I went to many events for Cruz, and planned to support him wholeheartedly. When I saw Trump come out so boldly on border security and illegal immigration, I decided to take a second look. I knew my initial impression could be wrong. But it could have been right, too. Had he been a liberal? Could I trust the ways he claims to have changed? When I heard his story about how he came to be pro-life, it inspired me to at least start listening to him. But when he says things that in any way excuse Planned Parenthood, when he insults, name calls, and all the rest, I cringe.

I am Never Hillary. It can’t be her. And if that means I have to hold out the possibility that whomever I vote for might be the wrong choice, so be it.

I am team #NeverHillary, and I believe in miracles. I believe if we could come together and unite for Romney, Dole and McCain, this should be a no-brainer for us.

Have you ever been wrong about something you were really sure of? If not, I applaud you! If so, will you humble yourself with me and jump on the Never Hillary train? Remember, these are the brothers and sisters you have stood with, arm-in-arm, against the corrupt establishment for all these years. Why would you now trust what the Soros-funded left says about the candidates and people on your own team?

Let’s stand together on team Never Hillary, and let’s go win this thing! As Reagan said, “Let’s make it morning in America again,” together.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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