Cruz cites WND report in Megyn Kelly interview

By WND Staff

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Questioned Monday night by the Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly about the National Enquirer story alleging sexual infidelity, GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz cited a WND report that presented evidence Donald Trump’s campaign was the source.

“The Trump campaign was emailing it out,” Cruz said. “Donald’s own social media director was tweeting out these attacks.”

He was referring to Sunday night’s WND report that Katrina Pierson, an official national campaign spokeswoman for Trump, posted a tweet Feb. 8 that apparently encouraged a media outlet to go with uncorroborated rumors more than a month before they appeared in the tabloid.

Kelly asked several questions about the “nasty” component of the campaign, as she described it.

Cruz discounted any concern over Trump’s attacks.

Then Kelly brought up the Enquirer report, asking, “Have you committed adultery?”

“I have not,” Cruz responded. “That attack is complete and utter garbage. It came from Donald Trump.”

After discussing the credibility of the Enquirer, Cruz continued: “The National Enquirer has endorsed Donald Trump. It spreads rumors and lies attacking every other candidate. This is the kind of garbage that the Trump campaign engages in.”

He then noted the report of the Pierson tweets.

The Texas senator said Trump’s life “has not been immaculate,” but he said he has no interest in “going there.”

The WND report revealed it and other news outlets were offered unverified reports alleging multiple affairs by the candidate as early as last November by independent researchers in Texas.

For months, it remained the buzz of Washington insiders, political reporters and campaign operatives. But it lacked legitimate sources, authoritative substantiation and credible witnesses.

From there the story was shopped to the Marco Rubio presidential campaign and various other news organizations.

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Tweets captured by WND indicate the story was pitched to by Pierson, the former aide to Cruz and now official campaign spokesman for Trump. The National Enquirer story didn’t name any of the five women it alleges had an affair with Cruz, running only pixilated images. But Internet detectives claim to have indentified Pierson as one of them. She quickly denied the allegations.

Here’s the chain of events leading to Pierson’s involvement:

On Feb. 4, Breitbart London columnist Allum Bokhari authored a re-tweet saying, “This guy is getting warm though,” linking to a previous post by “SecOpsSeaLion@Smallnobody” addressed to Bokhari that posted the following apparently mock headline: “SHOCKING: Ted Cruz’s Explosive Dark Secret Revealed by Breitbart.”

Cruz sex scandal tweet-1

A second tweet by Allum Bokhari, also dated Feb. 4, said in response to the exchange: “Been told it’s a few more days before we can drop the new Cruz goss (sic). Nothing I can do :( ”

Cruz sex scandal tweet-2

In response, four days later, Pierson tweeted this question to Bokhari at his Twitter address @LibertarianBlue: “Why so long!!??”

Cruz sex scandal tweet-3

On March 25, after the National Enquirer published the allegations, Bokhari tweeted, “I hate getting scooped.”

Cruz sex scandal tweet-4

The same day, Pierson posted a tweet in which she denied having a sexual relationship with Cruz, writing: “Of course the National Enquirer story is 100% FALSE!!!! I only speak to myself, however. Carry on …”

Cruz sex scandal tweet-5

Pierson’s last tweet appeared to imply that she was denying a sexual relationship with Cruz but was leaving the door open that other women may have had one.

Asked by WND why she seemed to be pushing a story she later denied was true, Pierson claimed it was a misunderstanding. She asserted that she was actually tweeting Bokhari about a different story – his “scoop” on Ted Cruz’s favorite “My Little Pony” cartoon character – which was published by a month later.

She provided Twitter links and suggested WND check its dates.

Cruz sex scandal tweet-6

Cruz sex scandal tweet-7

Cruz sex scandal tweet-8

“This tweet was in response to the writers ‘bombshell’ about his ‘My Little Pony’ article that followed my tweet,” she responded by email to WND. “This has nothing to do with the alleged ‘sex scandal’ that occurred after the fact.”

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But the time stamps on the tweets provided by Pierson are from a month later than her exchange with Bokhari. Asked about the discrepancy, Pierson responded: “I am maintaining that my tweet was in no way connected to the alleged ‘sex scandal’ to which you have eluded (sic) and, in fact, supported by the actual article published by the writer in response to many who were curious about his bombshell’ that was ultimately about ‘My Little Pony,'” she asserted in an email to WND. “There was no engagement after that fact.”

Once again, here’s the time sequence:

  • On Feb. 4, Bokhari tweets about a possible Breitbart scoop regarding Cruz, saying it will be a few more days.
  • On Feb. 8, Pierson tweets what appears to be encouragement to Bokhari to go with the story, questioning, “Why so long?” This tweet came one week after the Iowa caucuses won by Cruz and one day before the New Hampshire primary, won by Trump.
  • On March 25, Bokhari tweets that he “hates getting scooped” in reference to the publication of the story by the National Enquirer.
  • The same day, Pierson tweets her denial of any involvement in the rumored “sex scandal.”
  • Not until March 7 does Bokhari begin a series of tweets about the “My Little Pony” so-called “scoop.”
  • There are no tweets by Bokhari about the “My Little Pony” column, published March 7, prior to that date.

Pierson, a former Dallas-area tea party leader, was appointed national spokeswoman for the Trump campaign. She had been an adviser to Cruz’s 2012 Senate campaign. In 2014, she challenged Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, in a Republican primary. The Dallas Morning News carried a story during that campaign of her arrest and plea of no contest to shoplifting charges 17 years earlier at the age of 20.

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