Cruz cozies up to D.C. establishment

By Around the Web

(POLITICO) He’s disparaged his own Republican leader as a liar and dismissed fellow senators as part of the “Washington cartel.” But now, with his presidential prospects hanging in the balance, Ted Cruz is moving closer than ever to the D.C. establishment.

Directly and through surrogates, the Texas senator is aggressively reaching out to his Senate colleagues as he prepares for the possibility of a convention floor fight against Donald Trump. And Cruz’s emissaries on Capitol Hill are now signaling to senior Republicans that Cruz would be willing to work with them as the GOP nominee in a way Trump would not.

So far, Cruz can tout only two Senate endorsements, from conservative Mike Lee and the deal-making centrist Lindsey Graham. But Senate Republicans are now at least listening to an intensified pitch from Cruz and his allies: That he’s a far more stable choice for the top of the ticket and for the GOP’s hopes of keeping the Senate.

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