It certainly looks like the elite know something the rest of us don’t, as many are fleeing cities and even entire countries.

Some are preparing emergency bunkers and panic rooms – all at a time when Republican front-runner Donald Trump and some economists are predicting an imminent recession.

Thousands of millionaires have fled the troubled city of Chicago, reportedly motivated by “rising racial tensions” and “crime.”

But more than twice as many wealthy people fled the city of Paris, France, which was recently hit by terrorism and suffers from similar racial tensions.

While the wealthy fleeing Chicago mostly moved within the United States, many of those rich people escaping Paris are leaving France altogether. About 10,000 millionaires fled the country, with the exodus blamed on rising religious tensions between Muslims and the native French in urban areas.

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Many of those who fled were Jewish and have reportedly gone to Israel, where they feel safer.

According to a recent report from New World Wealth, the flight of millionaires from a certain area is viewed as a “bad sign” because “millionaires are often the first people to leave [with] the means to leave unlike middle class citizens.”

Many of those who are staying put also seem to be taking precautions. The shelter company Vivos is constructing massive bunkers designed to protect the wealthy in case of disaster.

The company’s complex in Germany, Europa One, boasts pools, movie theaters, bars, and other luxuries behind gates and blast doors guarded by armed security forces. The company’s website is quoted as saying millions believe a “global life-changing event is just ahead” and many think “we are living in the ‘end times.”

The Daily Mail reports this is part of a trend of more wealthy people not just seeking space in underground bunkers, but installing ‘safe rooms’ in apartments. Such preparations are driven more by fear of social instability than imminent natural disasters.

And social instability may well be on the way, according to the Republican frontrunner.

Donald Trump generated headlines when he recently prophesied the country is headed for a “very massive recession” and actually urged people not to invest in the stock market. Most economists disagree with Trump’s assessment.

However, others have supported Trump’s prediction. Analyst Albert Edwards of the French bank Societe Generale said new data show the American economy is in a “gut wrenching slump.”

The loss of security caused by natural disasters, social instability or economic collapse is dangerous regardless of the root cause.

It’s a truth Carl Gallups knows well as a former law enforcement official and a pastor with decades of experience assisting people in his community after a disaster. He compiled the lessons he’s learned in his new book “Be Thou Prepared,” which aims to inform Christians how to survive persecution, chaos and disaster. He argues Christians should heed the warnings of those powerful people who seem to believe something big is coming.

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“It is certainly telling that even these sellers of ’emergency bunker real estate’ understand that ‘millions of people’ around the world believe we may be in for some tough times – perhaps disastrous times,” Gallups told WND. “Even people who do not know the prophecies contained in the Word of God sense that something is terribly wrong and that danger is rapidly building. This ‘sense of urgency’ is the frequent topic of conversation the world over. This is why I wrote my last two books.”

Besides “Be Thou Prepared,” Gallups has also written “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” which interprets the signs of the times from a biblical and eschatological perspective.

Gallups told WND Christians should not underestimating the importance of the era in which they live, which he called “prophetic times.”

“We are told to ‘know the season’ in which we live,” Gallups said. “We are not to live blindly, with our heads buried in the sands of denial. God’s people are instructed to be watchful, and to prepare. Yet, we are also admonished to not be fretful and anxiety ridden as we go about our day-to-day lives.

“I tell God’s people to reasonably prepare for the potential of having to ‘shelter in place’ (or even moving to another place of shelter and safety) in the event of disaster – natural or otherwise. There are many considerations that require individual evaluation for each person, family, and/or church family. Then, after one has properly prepared – then get on with life! God’s people were never called to go hide under a log in the woods!”

Gallups added even the secular minded need to know how to rationally prepare for trouble without giving into panic.

“The things about which the world’s wealthiest people are reportedly most worried … are civil unrest, revolution, rampant crime, and natural disasters,” observed Gallups. “Many of them believe these things may be more dangerously possible than ever before. With the rise of the Islamic State and its atrocities, massive refugee movements, sword-rattling nuclear superpowers, Ferguson-like civil unrest spreading, and continual mainstream media predictions of economic meltdowns and potential natural disasters like Yellowstone erupting, who could blame them?”

However, Gallups said even the wealthiest and most powerful people preparing for disaster lack a key advantage Christians enjoy – faith.

“The truth is that even after having made the most ardent and adequate preparations, something unforeseen can happen for which you could have never prepared,” he said. “So, the bottom line is that our lives are to be lived in faith. We prepare, not merely for our ‘survival’ or comfort – but we prepare so that when disaster strikes were are immediately able to minister to others around us. It could be that in the direst of times is when others will be most prepared to listen to the truth of God’s Word. We live in prophetic times, like never before. They are often trying times, but they are also exciting times – ripe with opportunity to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.”

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