‘Day of Silence’ elevates perversion, endangers kids

By Linda Harvey

On Friday, April 15, many schools in the U.S. will allow misinformed, even radicalized students and their teacher allies to conduct a “Day of Silence” (DOS).

And in the process, their peers will be exposed to unsafe and high-risk messages that put many in grave peril.

It’s a day when students remain silent in sympathy for those who are “born” homosexual or born “in the wrong sex body,” who are victimized (so the narrative goes) by any message encouraging actual male/female biology, dating and marriage, all scorned as hateful and homophobic.

Yet, earth to DOS: There are no such “born that way” people – only developed desires and preferences. So this event should actually not exist. And besides, there are multiple additional reasons for parents to object in the loudest way possible to this event’s place of honor in some misguided schools.

Good news: A large coalition of family groups, the DOS Walkout, recommends that parents may want to keep students home that day.

The “Day of Silence” is a stunning example of the widespread indoctrination of youth culture with trashy, deviant behavior masquerading as acceptable conduct. The GLSEN-sponsored pro-homosexual event is a well-developed exercise in cultural Marxism and, I have come to believe, a tragic symbol of the rapid demise of America.

And ironically, it poses as a protest of “bullying.” Satan is laughing as he messes with the minds and bodies of our dear children. This event is a blatant exercise in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual molestation as our children become apologists for sodomy and gender confusion.

The “anti-bullying” scam is the cover used in many school districts to expose children to obscene, bigoted and pornographic presentations. If we object, it is alleged that more students may attempt suicide. Two examples: the Iowa Governors’ Conference for “LGBTQ” Youth and “Prideworks,” held in Purchase, New York.

The controversy rages in Iowa as students and teachers at this “safe schools” anti-bullying event reported workshops filled with profanity; details about oral/anal sex; how gender-confused girls can bind their breasts and sew fake testicles into their underwear as pretend boys; and even a recommendation for reacting to a pro-marriage bumper sticker: “Slash the tires.”

Sam Killerman, who claims to be the “Genderbread Person” creator, was a speaker whose gross presentation embarrassed students with its pornographic details about homosexual sex.

And a “drag” performer (female impersonator) used constant profanity, including this message about those who object to homosexual behavior: “F–- the bullies” and “poison” them.

And that was last year. This year’s conference is scheduled for late April.

None of this surprises those who have followed homosexual activism in schools for years. The dignity, innocence and modesty of children are treated as laughable commodities to be smashed to bits. It’s a revolution against the norms of Western civilization.

Many of the attendees are homosexual-identifying students (tragically), those who form the homosexual clubs that usually sponsor the “Day of Silence.”

Among the Prideworks sessions was “Drag U” and near-constant promotion of gender confusion. A mom and grandmother who stood outside to distribute brochures about the health risks of homosexuality reported that teachers have walked out of previous conferences in tears over what was presented to children inside.

This propaganda promotes dangerous behavior while concealing the risks. Yet there is critical information our youth need to know about homosexuality, and they are not getting it.

Many do not know there is no truth backing up the “born that way” claims, nor about the many other indicators of self-destructive behavior that typify the health and social histories of homosexuals and transvestites, even in communities where they are well-accepted. This includes many more psychiatric disorders, higher rates of HIV/AIDS, more substance abuse and more chronic health problems.

These kids learn in middle school CSE, “comprehensive sex education,” how to put both male and female condoms on plastic models in mixed sex classes (female condoms are most often used by lesbians). It’s humiliating for 11- to 14- year-olds, another of the Saul Alinsky tactics designed to shock and assault innocence.

And the lies proliferate. For instance, the definition of “abstinence” is changed in many current CSE sex ed curricula. One such program recommended to Charleston, South Carolina, schools is called Making Proud Choices. This program teaches that avoiding unprotected sex is the same as abstinence. For instance, kids are told:

“To protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection, you should: Keep a supply of condoms on hand. Get used to condoms, so they are natural and fun. …” (p.92)

Some kids will quickly see that it’s a lie that this is ‘abstinence.’ But others will buy the high-risk deception.

Students are taught it’s possible to “safely” engage in anal sex, and then the lessons proceed to tell them exactly how. This universally hazardous practice accommodates, and tragically misleads, the homosexually attracted students.

What if we declared that there are, or shouldn’t be, any such students? That no one is born this way? That these are destructive behaviors that no conference should ever, ever be detailing to our precious kids? And these are identities that no day of silence should ever honor?

But it’s going the other direction. If they wish to “come out” as homosexual or posing as the opposite gender, students can confide in school counselors and the “gay-straight alliance” (the homosexual school clubs which typically sponsor the “Day of Silence”). Increasingly, schools will conceal a child’s counseling discussions from parents.

That approach – driving a wedge between children and parents – is actually recommended by the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign and the National Education Association in a recent paper, “Schools in Transition.”

Because you see, the agenda – the elevation of perversion – is much more important than the welfare of children.

This is what is defended on the “Day of Silence.”

Problem is, this “silence” symbolizes a much more sinister reality: refusing to tell our children the truth.

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