‘Death Pill’ masquerades as painkiller

By Around the Web

(ORLANDO SENTINEL) — For the first time in Central Florida, drug agents are seeing counterfeit pain and anxiety medications infused with a synthetic opioid that is linked to scores of fatal overdoses across the country.

Some call the fentanyl-laced drug the “Super Pill.” But the law-enforcement world says the term “Death Pill” is more accurate because even a small dose of the powder can shut down your respiratory system.

The region’s battle against fentanyl, especially when it’s found in heroin, dates back years. But the emergence of the substance in a pill is new, expanding potential victims to include recreational users or experimenting teenagers — not just intravenous drug abusers, according the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

“It is here, it is deadly and it will continue to grow in our community…” FDLE Orlando Special Agent in Charge Danny Banks said at a Tuesday news conference. “Mark my words, this ‘death pill’ will be in the hands of our high school-age students in Central Florida. It is bad, bad stuff that is killing people, and it is here right now.”

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