Democrats angle for power in Hillary White House

By Around the Web

(POLITICO) Rep. Jim Himes has raised hundreds of thousands as a bundler for Hillary Clinton. Rep. Tim Ryan trekked to dozens of events across his home state of Ohio to help elect the former secretary of state. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver risked political suicide in 2008 by sticking with Clinton when African-American politicians and voters were flocking to Barack Obama’s insurgent campaign.

The Clinton foot soldiers are among the members of Congress who may be in line for a nice return on their hard work if she wins in November — a job in the new administration, perhaps, increased political clout or help from the commander in chief reaching the next rung on the political ladder.

“The Clintons value loyalty. Anyone who has been in politics for a long time values loyalty,” said Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.), a close ally of former President Bill Clinton. “For anyone who has been involved [in helping to elect Clinton], they can see this as an opportunity.”

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