Ex-Mexico prez holds fake ‘debate’ with Trump

By Around the Web

(BREITBART) Former Mexican President Vicente Fox hosted a mock debate with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, harshly criticizing the billionaire for wanting to restrict immigration from Mexico into the U.S.

“Today, we are here to debate immigration,” Fox says in heavily accented English. Immigration is a “strategic issue,” he said. “We’re both nations and a land of migrants. We have grown and been successful throughout this great resource of immigrant population coming to share it. The sweat, the hard work, the effort and sacrifice to share the efforts of prosperity and pursue happiness.”

“By listening to Mr. Trump again today, I really want to thank him. I want to thank him for his statements made in June of last year, when he started the race for the presidency of the United-ed States. Do you remember what you said?” asks Fox, turning to a freeze frame of Trump. The video cuts to a clip of Trump’s June 16 announcement:

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