From the ‘sometimes-you-can’t-win department’

By Joseph Farah

Sometimes it’s the little details that confuse people.

Sometimes it’s the big facts.

WND got a complaint this week from a person named “Chris,” who shall otherwise remain nameless so as to prevent embarrassment.

The subject was the alleged assault by Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on former Breitbart staffer Michelle Fields.

Do I know what the truth of the matter is? No. I’m confident the courts will adjudicate it fairly.

As per WND’s coverage, I’d have to say it has been fair and accurate – mostly letting visitors make their own determination through the use of the various video images.

WND staff writer Chelsea Schilling covered the story most recently.

And that fact apparently confused “Chris.”

He (or she), to add further protection against humiliation and because I just don’t know, wrote: “Do you wonder, as I do, if a person’s character, career and personal family should be dragged through the mud like Corey Lewandowski’s has because a ‘news reporter’ is looking for five minutes of fame?”

It’s worth nothing, again, the reporter involved in filing the criminal complaint against Lewandowski, is Michelle Fields of Breitbart.

“I have watched the videos of her (that Donald Trump supplied) and clearly she is fabricating this,” Chris wrote. “Is this the kind of news reporting you condone? Chelsea Schilling touched Donald Trump’s arm first … which she is NOT allowed to do, and Cory Lewandowski reacted to that … as he should. … It’s his job to protect Donald Trump. Is this how you want to be represented? How can anyone trust what she says? And, how can anyone trust what any of your staff say? Not good publicity for you.”

Whoaaaaaa! Hold on there, Chris. Chelsea Schilling is the WND reporter reporting the story of the incident for WND. She’s not involved in the incident!

It would be amusing, if it were not so sad. At first, I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke. But it was not.

People are quick to jump to all kinds of conclusions about what’s going on in the news without really commanding the basic facts. It’s frustrating for news organizations sometimes. Is Chris assuming all independent news organizations are part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” a charge Hillary Clinton once made famous? Is he/she assuming all female reporters are alike? Is he assuming all media are the same? Who knows? But it’s the kind of thing we see every day. What is the old adage? “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

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Breitbart is not WND. And WND is not Breitbart. I once tried to hire the late Andrew Breitbart, who started the company. But, alas, he is gone. He was a friend, but that’s the only connection.

Chris goes on to assert, “She (presumably Chelsea) needs to drop the charges and publicly apologize to the public and to Corey Lewandowski and his family. If you can’t employ upstanding people … you can never be successful … it’s as simple as that.”

“Believe me when I say … tell the whole story, be truthful, and you will be respected for being unbiased,” Chris continues. This is why people have lost trust in the media. … Their news reporting is biased and only reports bits and pieces instead of the whole story objectively. I hope you’re listening because there are many, many people who feel as I do.”

Well, I sincerely hope Chris is wrong about that.

WND was launched 19 years ago as the very first independent online news agency. It was founded for the very reason Chris suggests – because the news media had lost its way, its sense of mission, its purpose and commitment to the facts without the bias.

From my standpoint, there are too many casual news consumers who are not using any discernment in reading the news, often jumping to conclusions and not really understanding the facts presented – let alone who is presenting them.

That’s a real problem for news agencies like WND. How in the world do things get so twisted?

You can imagine Chelsea Schilling’s reaction to the news that, simply because she reported fairly and accurately on a news story of national significance that she had somehow become the accuser in a high-profile national political story.

Can you imagine my reaction? You’ve just read it.

Get a grip, people. And let it never be said that I don’t stand up for my staff.

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