Girls’ volleyball team shown ’50 Shades of Grey’

By Around the Web

(MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL) — A decision by two high-school volleyball coaches — one a teacher, the other a school board member — to show the sexploitation film “Fifty Shades of Grey” to a carful of teenage girls has plunged a tiny town in northern Wisconsin into a contentious and highly personal school board race.

Mercer High School parent and school board candidate Christa Reinert was slapped with a restraining order last month, accused of harassing Robyn Schoeneman, the teacher who — along with school board member Kelly Kohegyi — allowed members of the girls volleyball team to watch the movie on a road trip to a tournament.

Schoeneman describes Reinert in court records as a volatile bully who has waged a seven-month campaign of “harassment, intimidation and slander” in an effort to get her fired.

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