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'God's Not Dead 2' shows power of Christian audience

Melissa Joan Hart and Jesse Metcalfe star in “God’s Not Dead 2”

The sequel to the 2014 hit “God’s Not Dead” performed admirably over the weekend and gave faith-based studio Pure Flix another profitable project.

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“God’s Not Dead 2” made $2.95 million on Friday and used that momentum to lead to a solid $8.1 million opening weekend. The film, which stars Melissa Joan Hart and Pat Boone, played in 2,419 theaters. The original movie, which starred Kevin Sorbo on a budget of $2 million, netted $9.2 million its opening weekend and went on to gross more than $60 million domestically.

“God’s Not Dead 2” grossed $8.1 million in its opening weekend (Photo: YouTube, Pure Flix)

To give audiences a better idea of how “God’s Not Dead 2” is performing, Forbes magazine looked at the film’s multiplier (weekend gross divided by the Friday box office). It’s 2.74x multiplier “plays like a conventional sequel,” the magazine reported.

“Even a conventional 3x multiplier still gets the film to around $23.5m, which will be just fine for Pure Flix,” Forbes reported.

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“God’s Not Dead 2” revolves around the story of a schoolteacher named Grace who is sued after answering a student’s question on a philosophy of non-violence by referencing Jesus.

In addition to Hart and Boone, the movie stars Robin Givens, Ernie Hudson, Jesse Metcalf, David A.R. White and Ray Wise.


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