GOP establishment & Cleveland deserve each other

By Larry Klayman

Its main industry is Lebron James! Develop film in the Cuyahoga River! Attractive people are those who weigh less than 300 pounds and comb their hair! Be accosted by street people walking around aimlessly in downtown like zombies! Buy a house for the price of a VCR! Sports teams are so bad, they haven’t won a championship in over 50 years! Could be worse, could be Detroit! Think I am joking about Cleveland, Ohio, the home of the Republican National Convention in July of this year? Watch this travel video, produced by people who sadly have to live there.

Let me tell you, I know what is like to live in the “mistake on the lake”; Lake Erie that is, a body of water so polluted with chemicals that it glows at night. For nine months after I unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate in Florida, I lived part-time in Cleveland, joining a Republican-minded law firm as a partner to be closer to my children, who regrettably live there with my former spouse. The place is so decrepit that one would have to seriously consider jumping off one of its ruined buildings if informed that one had to spend an entire life there. And, that helps explain why young people generally “get out of Dodge” at the earliest opportunity, to seek asylum in other states.

Cleveland is the professed “pride and joy” of presidential candidate John Kasich, the governor of Ohio. Kasich may be a nice man, but to claim that he has done great things for Ohio and Cleveland, his native city, shows he does not reside on planet Earth. Just go there and see for yourself what this man has accomplished. Living on Mars would be preferable to enduring the lake flies that swarm the city like gnats, getting into apartments and homes, and infesting a bankrupt society – whose legal system is one of the most corrupt in the nation.

The genius who is the chairman of the Republican Party and its establishment, a bizarre figure named Reince Priebus (not to be confused with a Toyota Prius), chose this hellhole for the convention, undoubtedly thinking that his party, to use the term quite loosely, would need to cater to the city’s people, as a Republican has historically needed to win Ohio to claim the presidency.

But what this ET-like leader forgot about was that Cleveland is heavily African-American, and 99 percent of its precincts voted for Barack Hussein Obama for president in 2008 and again in 2012. Why in one’s right mind would anyone, even someone named Priebus, go there when the overwhelming majority of African-Americans despise Republicans, notwithstanding the myriad of Black Lives Matter chapters in this dying town? Given the hatred many African-Americans have for Donald Trump, having been whipped up into a frenzy by the likes of the Muslim in Chief, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, low-life vermin like Al Sharpton and the cable networks MSNBC and CNN, the explosive likelihood is that there will be corpses hanging from flagpoles before a Republican presidential nominee is selected. Even the amiable gentleman Ben Carson, who is himself despised as much as Trump by most of his fellow African-Americans, as I am despised by many liberal Jews given my belief in Jesus Christ (I am a Jewish Christian), will not be able to persuade his brothers not to riot and burn the place down. If you think that Chicago, Phoenix and other protests during the primaries were bad, just wait and see what is in store in Cleveland. That is probably why many among the Republican establishment, heavyweights such as Jeb Bush, say that they will now not attend the convention. It’s not just to protest against Trump and perhaps Cruz, but it’s to save their own skins.

And it’s not just African-American leftists who will likely pillage and set fire to Cleveland during the convention, but those disenfranchised white voters who thought that their vote would count when they voted for Donald Trump and perhaps Ted Cruz during the presidential primary season. As of now, the Republican establishment, led by the likes of the sleazy and dishonest Karl Rove and company, are planning to make backroom deals, using bribery of delegates and other corrupt means to deny the voters their choice of Trump or Cruz. Even the leftist Washington Post has reported that bribery will be the name of the game. And, who is angling to be the beneficiary of this repugnant and in-your-face undemocratic subterfuge? The native son of this disgrace of a city, John Kasich, who has won only one presidential primary, not coincidentally in his home state of Ohio.

Thanks to the Republican establishment, led by Priebus and Rove and which has no respect for We the People, as our votes if honored will end their reign of greed and corruption, Cleveland will come to likely become the spark that ignited the Second American Revolution. No, Cleveland is not Lexington and Concord, but the shots fired there, figuratively or otherwise, will be heard ’round the world. My left-wing communist atheist critics, like the degenerates at People for the American Way and their disgusting rag “Right Wing Watch,” will accuse me of fomenting violent revolution with this column. I couldn’t care less. Please republish it far and wide. I may not be Thomas Paine, but I share the same sentiments. The reality is that I have always advocated peaceful non-violence a la Martin Luther King. If violence erupts, this will not be my doing, but the work of a moribund, dishonest and ethically dead Republican establishment that has broken away completely from the principles set to paper and deed in my native city of Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.

Cleveland and the Republican establishment – both dying and both losers. It is a fitting and historic choice for the Republican convention this July. Perhaps Reince Priebus and his Republican establishment friends can make sure that they plan a special event for July 14. While there is no Bastille in Cleveland, there are plenty of other similar venues that will factor into a symbol of revolt; maybe the steps of the family court on Lakeside Drive in downtown, a court so incestuous and corrupt that it is even hated by native Clevelanders. Thomas Jefferson, our great Founding Father and third president, and also one of the architects of the French revolution, would be pleased.

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