GOP voters incensed by ‘Stop Trump’ movement

By Around the Web

(TENNESSEAN.COM) – Northeastern Pennsylvania was in the vanguard of the Republican establishment’s attempts to stop outsider Barry Goldwater in ’64 and outsider Ronald Reagan in ’76. But party regulars here aren’t leading the Stop Trump movement – they’re incensed by it.

Reps. Thomas Marino and Lou Barletta are two of only a handful of House members to have endorsed Trump. In his announcement last week, Barletta complained that party leaders have “spent more time trying to stop Donald Trump than trying to understand why is he is so popular.”GOP voters in the 10th and 11th congressional districts, who gave big majorities to George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney, are rallying to the man their old standard-bearers detest.

Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett are Republican businessmen who once ran against each other for Congress. Meuser says the campaign to deny Trump the nomination at the national convention “just increases his support. People feel, ‘You’re still not taking us seriously.'” Hackett agrees: “The harder they try to stop Trump, the more likely he is to succeed.”

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