Hillary: I handle ‘men who get off the reservation’

By WND Staff

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton

Did Hillary just admit that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has been a bit of a handful, considering his extracurricular activities with other women, and given her “a lot of experience” dealing with male misbehavior?

“Remember, I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak,” Clinton told CNN’s Jack Tapper Friday.

Her eyebrow-raising comments came during an interview discussing GOP front-runner Donald Trump attacking her as “Corrupt Hillary.”

Watch Hillary’s statements:

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In the last week, Trump has also accused Hillary of using the “woman card” to win votes.

On Thursday, he told the “Today” show, “Without the woman’s card, Hillary would not even be a viable person to even run for city council positions. I think the only thing she has going for her is the fact that she’s a woman. She has done a terrible job in so many ways.”

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As for men in Hillary’s life going off the reservation, WND has reported extensively on Bill Clinton’s sexual exploits through the years and how the couple even threatened women to stay silent about alleged sexual assaults at the hands of her husband.

Women in Clinton’s past were targeted by the IRS and reportedly found themselves on death lists. Clinton’s female sex-assault accusers were audited by the IRS – including Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick. Also added to the list of IRS targets was actress and former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen, who had sex with Clinton in 1983 and was warned to keep quiet about the affair.

Trump has accused Hillary of enabling her husband.

“She’s not a victim. She was an enabler,” Trump told Fox News in January. “She worked with him. She was – some of the women have been totally destroyed. Some of these women have been destroyed. And Hillary worked with him.”

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Hillary’s comments to CNN sparked hundreds of comments online, including the following:

  • She talking about Bill again …
  • Great job there with Bill, Hill.
  • Wow, poor Bill is always on her mind.
  • What a poor choice of words considering Bill cheated on her.
  • What about when Billy left the reservation to prey on other women? Didn’t seem like you “handled” him that well.
  • Hillary, your misandrist pantsuit is showing. Hillary’s war on men continues.
  • How did that work out at home? What do you suggest we do with the Energizer Bunny [Secret Service code name for Bill’s alleged girlfriend], Hil?
  • If Hillary can’t manage Bill cheating on her, how will she manage Trump, Putin, ISIS or North Korea?
  • Ha, ha, ha! “I can handle men who go off the reservation.” She’s had a lot of experience with a husband straying, that’s for sure. Is that what the most cheated on woman in America is referring to?
  • The way she handled her philandering husband was by going after the women he assaulted.
  • Hillary has experience w/ women who stray off the reservation. She attacked and destroyed the women who dared speak up about her husband because he’s the man who Hillary hitched herself to in order to gain power.
  • So Hillary should get Trump an intern with a blue dress?

After learning of Bill’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in 1998, Hillary reportedly handled the situation by bloodying the former president’s head.

“There was blood all over the president and first lady’s bed,” wrote former White House reporter Kate Anderson Brower in her tell-all book, “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House.” “A member of the residence staff got a frantic call from the maid who found the mess. Someone needed to come quickly and inspect the damage. The blood was Bill Clinton’s. The president had to get several stitches in his head.”

Brower said White House  staffers believe Hillary walloped her husband over the head with one of the books she kept on her bedside table.

Mr. Clinton “insisted that he’d hurt himself running into the bathroom door in the middle of the night,” Brower wrote. “But not everyone was convinced. ‘We’re pretty sure she clocked him with a book,’ one worker said. … the incident came shortly after the president’s affair with a White House intern became public knowledge. … And there were at least twenty books on the bedside table … including the Bible.”

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Another staffer, White House florist Ronn Payne, also recalled a heated argument between Bill and Hillary.

“He was coming up the service elevator … as the Clintons argued viciously with each other. … [H]e heard the first lady bellow ‘goddamn bastard!’ at the president – and then he heard someone throw a heavy object across the room,” Brower wrote. “The rumor among the staff was that she threw a lamp. The butlers, Payne said, were told to clean up the mess. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Mrs. Clinton made light of the story … ‘I have a pretty good arm … If I’d thrown a lamp at somebody, I think you would have known about it.'”

Payne also recalled, “You heard so much foul language” in the Clinton White House.

And Hillary reportedly punished Bill in other ways, according to Brower: “For three or four months in 1998, the president slept on a sofa in a private study attached to their bedroom on the second floor. Most of the women on the residence staff thought he got what he deserved.”

At any rate, the former president appears to have fared better than another man in Hillary’s life who apparently went off the reservation – former deputy White House counsel Vince Foster. 



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