I am transgender and deserve human rights

By WND Staff

I wish you would stop writing. It’s one thing to hold a position based on your religious beliefs; it is quite another to deny basic human rights because of those beliefs.

I am a transgender woman who has used women’s facilities for the past three years. I have never had a problem, nor have I ever been confronted or questioned about my gender. If anyone is uncomfortable in the restroom, it’s me. Why? Because of vitriol that is passing around the states defining gender as only determined at birth by anatomy and genetics. It leaves no room for someone who has medically transitioned to the other gender. This puts a target on my back if I am outed as a transgender woman. I have been expecting that some boyfriend, husband, or just some rabid fundamentalist will be waiting outside the restroom with a fist to my nose.

I really wish you would stop promoting this kind of discrimination. I get it – you don’t believe I am a woman. You believe that I should not be in the women’s facilities. Perhaps you even think I am mentally disturbed. But I don’t think that is any different than someone discriminating based on color. Most color discrimination was based on people interpreting the Bible to say that people of color were less valuable. And for that, it was OK to make them use different facilities and segregate them.

There is no safety issue with me. Women and children have no reason to feel uncomfortable with me in there. I have a 12-year-old daughter! If someone does feel uncomfortable, I am really sorry. But I don’t think we need to make laws to guard against the “eeby jeebies.” I am uncomfortable with the Chinese lady who sits naked on the bench at 24 Hour Fitness, picks her toes and smells it. But you don’t see me running out to make a law that she shouldn’t be allowed in the restroom. Get over it, please.

I am a woman. I am equal to any other woman. I am just a transgender woman. I deserve basic human rights.



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