Ignorant evangelicals

By WND Staff

I hope you are proud of yourselves with your anti-Trump campaign and Jerome Corsi’s weak-on-facts article about Katrina Pierson’s potential connection to publicity regarding Cruz’s philandering. Corsi did not nail it down. Cruz is claimed to have a “zipper” problem, and you have a responsibility to report on it. Is Corsi going to do an investigation on the belief that Cruz’s campaign manager was behind the release of a semi-nude photo of Melania Trump? Or on the $500,000 “donation” from Cruz’s campaign to Fiorina’s campaign?

We have a chance to take control of this country back with a popular candidate in Trump, but you ignorant evangelicals can’t see the forest for the trees. After decades of complaining about abortion, what have you ever accomplished? Worse than nothing by allowing Obama to reign for eight years. Guess what? There isn’t going to be a rapture, and you will be in hell with the rest of us when the U.S. is taken down.

Sheila Burke

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