Is Trump right about abortion?

By Gina Loudon

What is it about conservatives that we so often see but fail to perceive the same hackneyed attacks on our candidates for what they are?

No GOP candidate can seek the highest office in the world without being thoroughly grilled on every nuance of his or her position on abortion.

Leftists do this because any answer that supports the life of the baby in any way is fascist and anti-woman. They never grill pro-abortion candidates on their barbarism of their abortion-on-demand positions or the extremism of taxpayer financing of partial-birth abortion.

This week, it was Donald Trump who walked into the buzz saw. Did he make a gaffe or make all of us face an inconvenient truth?

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Donald Trump has no high-paid consultants around him telling him what he can and can’t say, even on the liberal’s favorite conservative-killing topic of abortion. They talk all about the woman’s right to choose as if women are so frail and helpless they shouldn’t bear any of the personal responsibility conservatives talk about in other political realms.

Trump knew this: If a person hires a contractor to kill someone, under the law, both the person hiring the contracted killer and the killer are held accountable. In his non-political mind, why would he think any differently?

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Conservatives herald “the rule of law” when discussing illegal immigration, but why do the rules suddenly change when we are talking about the killing of an unborn child?

If you kill a pregnant woman, and her baby dies as a result, in most states that is a double homicide.

Donald Trump is new to political campaigns. He has not been formally trained on the political answer to every politically loaded question, like where one stands on abortion.

He has not spent hours in front of a mirror with consultants drilling his words, body language and intonation on every topic. If he had, rest assured, the consultants would have started with abortion. This is the single most un-discussable, off-limits, never-mention topic in all of politics.

When pressed by Chris Matthews, Trump said women who abort their unborn babies should perhaps receive some form of punishment if indeed the abortion in question was banned and, therefore, breaking the law. Trump said he hadn’t thought of what the punishment should be, but you could tell that he hadn’t seen the memo from the GOP consultants that said you aren’t supposed to discuss the personal responsibility of women in this scenario.

His view was consistent with many things conservatives say. He just didn’t know this was the unspeakable – kind of like saying we should stop illegal immigration was the unspeakable before Trump dared to say otherwise.

I have been a post-abortive counselor, and what Mr. Trump may not know is that many women are victimized by abortion, because the abortion industry spends millions of taxpayer dollars teaching little girls that pregnancies are just a bunch of tissue. Their $9 billion per year, taxpayer-funded industry depends on vulnerable women believing that lie.

But there are women who are older, wiser, repeat aborters who definitely know better.

Is there a pro-lifer out there that doesn’t think that in a perfect world – where we agreed abortion was, for example, illegal after the first trimester – that the woman could, if working with full knowledge, be held accountable for her complicity in the abortion? Shouldn’t this, like any law that is broken, be considered in a case-by-case manner?

Were abortion education really about abortion education instead of about propagating a multi-billion dollar industry, then maybe women would at that point be more knowledgeable. Is it crazy to think – with a solid law making abortion illegal after a certain point and millions of taxpayer dollars invested in informing women about how the industry preys on them – that women could be held to a standard? Is it crazy to think that a woman who aborts the day before her due date should be punished? The week before?

Abortion can be devastating to the uninformed mother, psychologically and physically. Studies link a range of health problems to women who have had abortions. After doing years of post-abortive counseling for women, I’ve found that the psychological scars are far more damaging than the physical.

Donald Trump states that his pro-life conversion happened as a result of a very personal experience he went through with a friend. That friend had considered abortion and chose life. Like many of us who have been pro-choice until the moment we faced pregnancy, he learned. In that moment, Trump claims, he realized the baby inside that mother was not a “clump of tissue,” but a real, honest-to-God life. That moment was pivotal for him, as it has been for many.

Donald Trump has not been involved in the pro-life movement enough to know the harm that abortion does to the mother, and how many women are lured by an evil entity that only wants to self-proliferate, not to help women.

Republican consultants are afraid of the “war on women” narrative being used against their candidates, and in politically correct America, Republican politicians are given their talking points on how to talk about abortion.

When Trump took on the issue of illegal immigration, he ignored conventional wisdom and said that people who broke the law and came here illegally should be punished. The silent majority surprisingly cheered.

Trump came to his position on illegal immigration by using logic and defying political correctness.

After his comments in the MSNBC town hall, Donald Trump has arguably become the most pro-life candidate in the race for president. He is now even more pro-life than the some of the pro-life groups out there.

I wish I didn’t have to come to Donald Trump’s defense, but to jump on the gender identity “women are always victims” bandwagon against him over this issue would be intellectually dishonest of me. It’s time for authenticity in politics. If conservatives want to talk about the power of women, the rule of law and personal responsibility, gray areas in abortion cannot be glossed over.

Mr. Trump said what he thought. Pro-lifers won’t win in this country until they are courageous enough to admit that not all women who chose to abort their babies are victims. Furthermore, Mr. Trump has vowed to appoint a pro-life Supreme Court justice, as has Sen. Ted Cruz.

I would submit that if those on the right don’t stop skewering conservative candidates when they are authentic on the issue of abortion, they will lose the next election to a statist who will not appoint someone who is pro-life to the Supreme Court.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore


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