ISIS goes high-tech, launches forensics division

By Cheryl Chumley

ISIS goes CSI? The group seeks new members to fill out its forensics team.
ISIS goes CSI? The group seeks new members to fill out its forensics team.

ISIS released a new propaganda recruitment tool of slick imagery that showed terrorists engaged in the group’s latest endeavor: fingerprinting and forensics.

MEMRI reported the pictorial display was aimed at recruiting new members who would help underscore the caliphate as “real,” not imaginary, by showcasing the group’s technological savvy.

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ISIS announced it came into possession of microscopes and magnifying glasses, and wanted to recruit new members who could help form and grow a new forensics team, Fox News reported.

The news outlet said ISIS most likely nabbed the lab equipment during take-overs of Syrian and Iraqi regions.

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ISIS put out an ad touting its new “Islamic police forensics department” alongside a picture layout of so-called detectives solving various crimes, like the burglary of a pharmacy.

One image shows a set of gloved hands dusting for fingerprints, and then using a magnifying glass and an ultraviolet light to scrutinize the prints. Another picture shows an ISIS technician peering through a microscope to compare various fingerprints. And yet one more portray a camouflaged man handing over a check to the pharmacy owner after ISIS forensics team members solved the so-called “crime,” Fox News reported.

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