Kasich vows GOP will pick someone ‘who can win’

By Cheryl Chumley

Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Ohio Gov. John Kasich told a Maryland crowd the Republican convention this summer was likely to be contested and that in the end, the GOP was going to go with the candidate with the best chance of beating the Democratic nominee in the presidential election.

“Think about what this Republican Party is now offering,” Kasich said, during a recent town hall in Savage, Maryland, the Baltimore Sun reported. “We’re going to get killed if we don’t pick somebody who can win an election in the fall.”

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Kasich’s remarks come as an email from his wife sent to campaign supporters reveals his whole reason for remaining in the Republican race is to spoil front-runner Donald Trump’s chances for success.

The email, as WND reported, read in part: “Friend, I’m going to be honest with you. The stakes are high and it’s critical that we all pitch in to help John continue securing delegates and deny Trump the nomination.”

Kasich, who’s still in the race, but trailing behind both Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz by hundreds of delegates, is polling poorly in Maryland. A Washington Post-University of Maryland poll released just recently showed him 10 points behind Trump.

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An NBC4-Marist poll, meanwhile, put him behind both Trump and Cruz.

Kasich mocked what’s become Trump’s biggest rally call for supporters – his vow to build a wall separating America from Mexico – and said to his Maryland crowd: “I have very little doubt that that will happen,” the Baltimore Sun reported.

And he also predicted the looming convention would lead to a big fight over the eventual nominee.

“We’re going to an open convention,” Kasich said, the newspaper reported.

He thinks he can still win; campaign spokesman Mike Schrimpf told McClatchy news service Kasich is the only candidate polls show could win in a match-up against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“It’s clear that John Kasich is not only the GOP candidate best prepared to be president, he is the only one who can actually win,” he said, to the news service. “Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would lose in an electoral landslide and cost us critical seats in the U.S. Senate and House.”

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