Limbaugh makes urgent plea to outsiders like Trump

By Joe Kovacs

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

In the wake of national outrage over perceived rigging in the presidential primary process, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh is urging political outsiders such as Donald Trump to learn the rules of the game if they wish to achieve success.

On his broadcast Tuesday, Limbaugh reminded listeners that both the Republican and Democratic Parties are private organizations, and are akin to businesses who don’t want an outsider coming in and taking over the show.

“The first order of business of any business is to stay open. The second order of business is to make sure the people who run it continue to run it. To stop coup d’etats, so to speak,” Limbaugh said.

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“Anybody therefore attempting to take control of such an organization had better figure out how in hell the organization has written rules making it hard to do. I’m sorry to say, but my belief, it is incumbent on somebody challenging the existing rule to figure out how the insiders play their game and beat them at it. And in order to do that, you have to know what they’ve set up. You have to inform yourself what the rules are. You have to learn how they are trying to stop you. You have to know what that is so you can make an end run around ’em or so you can make a full frontal approach and smother ’em.

“Whatever your tactic, you’ve got to know how they have attempted to protect themselves and thereby prevent you from succeeding. And if you think – if anybody thinks – that a popular vote of American citizens will be enough to take over a political party, you’ve got another thing coming.”

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

As WND reported Sunday, national outrage erupted over the weekend when Sen. Ted Cruz took all of Colorado’s delegates using a system crafted by the state GOP that had announced in August it was not going to have a traditional primary process.

That led many, including Trump himself, to claim the process was rigged.

“How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger – totally unfair!” wrote Trump, in one Twitter post Sunday night.

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He followed it up with a second tweet: “The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!”

After Limbaugh had stated Monday that there was no cheating involved in Colorado, it was merely the way the rules were set up, a caller from Waldorf, Maryland, verbally flayed the talk host on Tuesday, saying: “This is Soviet-style tactics. And to listen to you guys cheer about this is ridiculous. The one thing Mr. Trump has done is exposed all of you, forcing you to take your mask off.”

“I wasn’t aware I was cheering anything,” Limbaugh responded. “I just reported what happened.”

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Limbaugh stressed that many voters are under the mistaken impression that it’s the voters themselves who get to direct the outcome of the nomination process.

“The illusion is the public gets to determine what the party does. But that’s not the case. The party determines what it does. The party determines what it thinks. The party determines its strategy.”

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He continued: “Right now the Republican Party’s number one objective is to save itself from Donald Trump and his supporters. It’s not to embrace them. It’s not to grow the party using Trump as the magnet. That’s the worst thing. They don’t want Trump to be the one that grows the party. That puts Trump in control of the party. They’re never gonna give that up. That’s gonna have to be taken from them.”

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