Limbaugh: Trump campaign has ‘gone off the rails’

By Joe Kovacs


In the wake of Donald Trump’s lackluster showing Tuesday in the Wisconsin Republican Primary, radio host Rush Limbaugh says the businessman’s campaign has “gone off the rails.”

“I can tell you right now what’s wrong with the Trump campaign. I can tell you why it’s gone off the rails, ’cause it has, and I can tell you what they would have to do to get it back on the rails,” Limbaugh said Wednesday. “I instinctively know.”

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Limbaugh explained: “The answers really are to be found in insiderism versus is outsiderism and the fact that politics, no matter how you play it, still is a business. And it functions under certain rules. There’s a ladder of success in politics that you climb, and it requires understanding what’s on every rung, and it’s really, really hard to jump rungs.”

But, see, that is in conflict with why people like an outsider. They want an outsider to be able to succeed without having to do any of that business-of-politics stuff. The minute an outsider starts talking about and working with and setting up offices to get delegates, then the outsider’s supporters, “Uh-oh, is he selling us out or is he being suckered in by the establishment?” They start being distrustful. It’s from the beginning of time, it’s the great conflict between an outsider getting someplace in an insider’s business. At some point the outsider’s got to learn some of the requirements that exist in the insider’s game and you have to learn how to pull those off, while at the same time maintaining your outside status.

And I think that’s what they’re afraid of. I think they’re afraid of losing. They’re on the map because they’re outsiders. They’re on the map because they’re not politicians. They’re on the map because they’re not part of that whole system. And yet they’re gonna have to master some of that system. Even if they don’t get to 1,237, they’re gonna really need to have to master that system, because the other guys set that system up and the other guys write the rules.

In terms of the 13-point margin of victory for Cruz, more than 144,000 votes, Limbaugh said, “It was a skunk. The polling data had Trump anywhere from, you know, down 4.5 to 10, and Cruz wins by 13? In anybody’s game, that’s a landslide.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh
Radio host Rush Limbaugh

On the bright side for Trump, a new poll released Wednesday shows the real-estate mogul has a more than a two-to-one lead over his closest competitor, John Kasich, in Trump’s home state of New York.

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The Monmouth University survey shows Trump collecting 52 percent support, followed by Kasich at 25 percent, and Ted Cruz in a distant third place at 17 percent. New Yorkers head to the polls April 19.

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