By WND Staff

Your Tuesday poll question is journalistic malpractice. Someone should be ashamed of themselves.

“Is it moral for Cruz to snatch up Trump’s delegates?”

Cruz is not “snatching” any delegates, and they aren’t “Trump’s delegates.”

You know that delegates are not owned by any candidate. Bound delegates have one duty – to fulfill the oath and carry their state’s vote to the convention on the first ballot.

Not many Trump supporters have been running as delegates. That’s a fact. If you want to be a true alternative to the mainstream media, perhaps you shouldn’t attempt to mislead your readers by burying assumptions in questions and providing no poll response that relates to the actual truth of the matter.

Secondly, why would you have a magazine cover with the title “He is Risen” but then show Jesus hanging on the cross? Christians like myself appreciate what Jesus did on the cross, but we don’t depict him as still hanging there, especially since He is Risen indeed. I don’t want to see pictures of Jesus hanging on the cross. He defeated sin and death on the cross and rose again, never to die again, and he is coming again to judge the living and the dead.

Isaac Latterell

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