Media censor Hillary’s abortion gaffes, pounce on Trump

By Around the Web

(NEWSBUSTERS) The networks have their favorites when it comes to abortion gaffes.

During their morning and evening news shows, the three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) haven’t spent one second on Hillary Clinton’s abortion comments in which she declared Sunday that an “unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.” In comparison, when Donald Trump called for “punishment” for women who undergo abortions on March 30, the news shows spent more than 20 minutes on the story in the following 24 hours.

While the networks touted Trump’s remarks as a “gift” for Clinton, they kept quiet when she made her own. One Planned Parenthood employee made a fuss over Clinton “further stigmatiz[ing] abortion” while a pro-life conservative columnist called the her statements “incoherent and evil.” But the outrage on both sides wasn’t enough to coax ABC, CBS and NBC.

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