Megyn Kelly complains of death threats over Trump

By Cheryl Chumley

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly, Fox News star host, told a CBS audience that Donald Trump’s attacks have sparked others to issue death threats against her – but that she’d welcome him back to her show in a heartbeat.

During an interview with Charlie Rose she said, Mediaite reported: “It’s not so much what he writes or says, it’s how he gins up anger among so many, so it manifests in my life in several ways.”

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And Kelly’s biggest fear?

She worries “someone’s gonna hurt me in the presence of my children,” she said.

Kelly also said the atmosphere around her home has been tense since her public spats with Trump, and that she has received death threats as a result of her interviews with the billionaire businessman. She also said she’d gladly welcome him back on her show, if he ever decided to return.

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But that’s not likely to occur, given Trump’s recent statements.

On the most recent show of “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson,” Trump suggested to the former CBS investigative journalist-turned-host he doesn’t really consider Kelly a factor in his campaign any longer.

Attkisson asked: “On CBS Sunday Morning, Megyn Kelly said if she could ask you a question, it would be, why? As in, why have you attacked her or in her view, unleashed on her. What’s the answer to that?”

And Trump’s reply: “No reason. I don’t care about Megyn. I’m sure she’s perfectly nice. I don’t really know Megyn at all. I just think I’ve been treated very unfairly. She covers me for the vast preponderance of her shows; always something, Trump this, Trump that, Trump that. And if she didn’t, she wouldn’t get good ratings in my opinion. But I’ve been very good for her.”

As Attkisson pointed, “her ratings were pretty good before.”

And Trump’s reply, once again: “Nothing like that. Look she covers me. You know I’d love for her to go for two months without talking about Trump, let’s see how she does. OK? She would do very poorly.”

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