Michigan GOP: Leave Trump’s delegates alone

By Around the Web

(POLITICO) — Donald Trump has been battered in the hunt for loyal delegates to the Republican National Convention, suffering loss after demoralizing loss to Ted Cruz. But Michigan Republican leaders are closing ranks around the struggling front-runner with a stern message: Hands off Trump’s delegates.

Though Cruz has outmaneuvered Trump in state after state, local Michigan GOP officials say a delegate fight that fails to reflect the results of the state’s March 8 primary — when Trump handily defeated Cruz and John Kasich — would rip the party apart. And they’re working aggressively to prevent it.

“We don’t want to be part of the carnage of the presidential campaign,” said Bill Runco, one of 14 congressional district chairman for the state Republican Party. “Don’t play games. Just be honest about this. You know, don’t try to steal someone else’s delegates.”

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