Muslims, Trump & other calamities

By Burt Prelutsky

Like every other decent person, I experience grief and outrage every time I hear about yet another jihadist attack, be it in Belgium, France or Germany. But it is tempered by the realization that the Europeans brought this plague on themselves by inviting Muslims in to do the work Germans, Italians, Swedes, Belgians and Brits wouldn’t do (preferred not to do), especially for cheap wages. Sound familiar?

So often greed and sloth determine a nation’s policies, but the hidden costs in welfare, crime and an inevitable decline in societal standards when it comes to education and even civility, can kill you. Sometimes, as we’ve seen for ourselves in Boston, Manhattan, Fort Hood and San Bernardino, quite literally.

When it comes to ingratitude, you can hardly beat Hillary Clinton, who recently said she would only consider debating Bernie Sanders if he modified his tone. By which, I assume she means that he can no longer refer to her $250,000-a-clip speeches to Wall Street or her $300,000-a-couple fund raisers at George Clooney’s estate.

But the ingratitude I refer to was when Sen Sanders, at an early debate, insisted that he was tired of all the chatter about her private server, thus taking off the table the very issue that could lead to her federal indictment. While it’s true that Hillary applauded his statement at the time, she should have offered to fund his damn campaign.

No matter how Bernie feels about her criminal acts, I think we can all be grateful that Vermont’s favorite socialist isn’t the head of the FBI.

What’s more, Sanders hasn’t once referred to Benghazi or to her calling the families of the four victims liars when it was she who was on record blaming the massacre on some innocuous video at the same time she was alerting Chelsea and an Egyptian official that the video had nothing to do with the attack. There is a very good reason having nothing to do with political partisanship that a great many people refer to her as Hillary Rotten Clinton.

The way Sanders has laid off the woman’s most blatant failings both as a secretary of state and as a human being is so breathtakingly chivalrous that even the marquis of Queensbury might have commended him, even if the marquis would probably have pointed out that it’s a really pathetic way to run a campaign.

It’s getting very hard to tell if Trump and his team are just stupid or, well, just stupid. They are now stuck with legal troubles simply because they wouldn’t offer an apology to an anonymous female reporter. Although the earlier videos were vague, to say the least, the more recent ones definitely show that Trump’s campaign manager lied when he said he never touched her. He definitely grabbed her arm. It wasn’t life-threatening, and one has to assume she was guilty of hyperbole when she described it as the most traumatic event, aside from the death of her father, that she had ever experienced.

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All Team Trump had to do was point out that there had been troublemakers at some of his events and that they didn’t want to take any chances with a woman they didn’t know who seemed overly aggressive. But these well-paid morons, taking their lead from their leader, are so full of themselves that they can never bring themselves to admit they goofed.

As for Trump, he can pretend that women love him, and if he’s referring to family members, I have no reason to doubt him. But if he actually believes he can win in November with poll numbers among women that approach Bluebeard’s, he is even more delusional than I had imagined.

It now appears that the photo of his wife, Melania, Trump used as an excuse to attack Ted Cruz and threaten Mrs. Cruz was even more of a put-up job than I first thought. Even though Trump knew that the PAC that used the revealing photo in a TV ad was not connected to the Cruz campaign, and had supported Rubio and Bush in earlier days, there is no lie he won’t tell and no weapon he won’t use if he’s convinced it will burnish his image as a tough guy.

Oddly enough, it works on some of his less discerning fans. Keep in mind Trump was the son of a multimillionaire and that he attended prep schools and pricey universities. He likes to pretend that he graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, but it was really the Wharton School of Business.

Although he actually boasts that his attendance at the New York Military Academy gave him more of a military background than many of those who actually served in combat, he not only didn’t serve in the military, he used a number of student deferments to make certain he would never have to sacrifice time, blood or his pompadour in order to serve his nation.

So he can pretend to be a super patriot or a street fighter, but Trump only talks tough. In reality, he’s about as tough as Frank Sinatra, the master of the sucker punch, who would hide behind his bevy of bodyguards if his victim decided to retaliate.

The real story behind the shot of Melania is that she was the girlfriend of Trump at the time he was considering running for the presidency on the Reform Party ticket, and the photo shoot was financed by Trump as a way of reaching out to young (male) voters.

As many of you know, I keep searching for reasons to vote for Trump, aside from wanting to keep a Democrat out of the White House. Needless to say, I’m still searching and have resorted to using bloodhounds.

One of my readers uses Plato’s quote, “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools,” as the signature line on his email.

Unfortunately, today, thanks to what Rush Limbaugh refers to as low-information voters, “interest” has morphed into “self-interest,” which explains the popularity enjoyed by Hillary and Bernie.

As impatient as I and millions of others are to have the FBI investigation concluded and to see Mrs. Clinton indicted on charges that could land her in Leavenworth, I would imagine the one person even more impatient than the rest of us would be Joe Biden.

He must be wearing a hole in the carpet with his endless pacing back and forth, hoping against hope that the indictment is handed down tomorrow so he can slide in before Bernie Sanders has a chance to be crowned the King of Fools.

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