Obama: Hillary showed ‘carelessness’ with emails

By WND Staff

(CBSNEWS) — President Obama acknowledged in a new interview that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton had shown a degree of “carelessness” in managing her emails while heading the State Department.

“I continue to believe that she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” the president told Fox News Sunday in an interview. But, he added, “what I’ve also said is that — and she has acknowledged — that there’s a carelessness, in terms of managing e-mails, that she has owned, and she recognizes.”

The use of a private email server by the former secretary of state is currently under investigation by the FBI. Earlier this year, the State Department said it had found 22 emails on Clinton’s homebrewed server that had to be upgraded to “Top Secret,” the highest level of classification. Those top secret documents were withheld from being publicly released along with the rest of her emails.

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